Kelsie Kimberlin’s quest for an order of protection against a man who has stalked her family for more than three years will move to a Maryland circuit court after a Rockville district court judge found that William Hoge’s pattern of harassment had not taken place in the last thirty days and therefore did not meet the standard in the the state’s harassment law, which his honor seems to have confused with “Grace’s Law.”

That legislation, which was passed in April 2013, is specifically worded to deal with cases of cyberbullying and electronic harassment, but does not require that events take place within a 30-day limit.

Judge Zuberi B. Williams also found that Hoge had perjured himself during the hearing when he denied leaving comments under an August, 2013 article about Kelsie’s budding music career only to have proof of his actions presented to the court. “You just lied under oath,” Williams reportedly said to Hoge on the witness stand before turning to his attorney, Patrick Ostronic. “How am I supposed to find your client credible?”


On his LinkedIn profile, Judge Williams’s motto reads “fairness is the glue that holds our legal system together,” but he didn’t seem particularly concerned with being fair to a teenage girl whose life has been destroyed by obsessive cyberstalkers.

In his day job, Patrick Ostronic is in-house council for Tamir Biotechnology Inc., a penny stock firm currently peddling a drug for genital warts and HPV whose ability to sell shares was temporarily revoked last year for failure to file stock registration and quarterly statements in a timely fashion.

His presence in the courtroom indicates that Dan Bongino, a major figure in the ‘Groundswell’ lobbying group which propelled the Benghazi and IRS stories in the US House of Representatives and for whom Ostronic has been an important fundraiser in the past, may be personally invested in the defense of Hoge’s stalking and harassment of Kelsie and her family.


Through their past fundraising activities, Ostronic and Bongino are also linked to Kirby Delauter, the Frederick County, MD city council member who famously threatened to sue local news reporter Bethany Rodgers for using his name in a story about parking problems. Delauter has since apologized for not understanding how a free press works.

According to witnesses who attended the hearing, Hoge appeared disheveled and tired as Kelsie recounted her horror at being the object of his fascination. Under examination, it was clear to observers that he was not ‘on his game.’

The Kimberlin family is still in a position to file criminal charges against Hoge for perjury. The trial transcript will appear during the Kimberlin family’s appeal of today’s ruling, which will be heard in a circuit court that has become all too familiar with the perjurious litigation shenanigans of Hoge and his mentor, Aaron Walker.

Walker tried to attend the hearing today, but was excluded from the courtroom as a potential witness. He nonetheless spent the day tweeting libelous defenses of Hoge’s lecherous creeping on Kelsie, now 15, from the courthouse lobby, to the delight of the obsessives that he has cultivated for more than three years.


Note that one of Walker’s retweeters there is convicted con artist Paul Lemmen, a well-known fabricator who enjoys an inexplicable credibility with Mr. Hoge.

Although he seems to be taking a subdued victory lap today, Hoge has filed frivolous litigation in his own district court many times, appealing to his local circuit court whenever he loses. That shoe is merely on the other foot this time, as Kelsie’s father is expected to file an appeal for a de novo hearing (new trial) on Monday and possibly criminal charges as well.

According to sources close to the family, the filing will include subpoenas to WordPress and Twitter to obtain the identities of “Paul Krendler” and other noxious anonymous trolls who have participated in Hoge’s sickening smears.

BU will stay on top of this story.


UPDATE 1: Crassus here: A few people have commented that this story is somehow not accurate or that it defames Hoge etc. These, of course, are the commenters who live and breathe Hoge on Hoge’s blog. So, a few of them have come here to complain, and are doing so on Hoge’s behalf. Hoge, of course, is too much of a coward to come here and make the case for himself. Until he does he doesn’t get anything here that is demanded from elsewhere, up to and including his bunker in Westminster Maryland. He can’t comment or make a post on his blog and then make demands of this site to bend to his will or do anything he wants. If he wants to query this site then there is a proper procedure for doing that, and when he follows those rules then we will think about examining his complaint. Until then he gets no special treatment here.

Here is the issue. The article claimed that the Judge did not find Hoge credible due to the tweet Hoge made after telling the judge that he didn’t post on the gazette article. The article above is therefore, accurate, in that this is what happened in court and was reported as such in this article.

It doesn’t matter that after Hoge got home he suddenly became cognizant of events or went back and found some tweet made by someone else, and now claims he is innocent or whatever. Yes, many criminals once they have had a chance to think about their alibi, are suddenly innocent when they get their story straight later on. But under direct examination they sputter around like Hoge did on the stand.

Hoge is infamous for his memory of details and errata, yet that day on the stand the Judge called him out because Hoge suddenly couldn’t remember what he had done or had not done, and even had his attorney call him out and question what was up with that, and Hoge’s final response was a stuttering “I don’t really recall” which made him look even less credible.

So, as far as defamation and suing and all of that, no, the story stands because it accurately reports what happened in the court that day with Hoge. The judge found him not credible, and also found that he appeared to lie while being questioned, and that is what was reported in this article. If Hoge wants to sue, he can sue the court or the judge. If he wants to demand a retraction, then he can take it up with the court who felt he wasn’t credible. So, for now this story stands. If court transcripts, which have been ordered, show a different outcome than the one reported above, then that will be reported as well. We report you decide.

As for Hoge suing, go ahead and write your funny papers and file them, we will report on that as well. In other words Hoge, you don’t scare us with your bullshit one little bit. We are not going to roll over like others you have attacked or stalked or went after. We will meet you will everything we have, and I guarantee you that you won’t like the outcome one little bit. In other words, come at us bro, we welcome your bullshit, matter of fact, we can’t wait for it, so hurry up and git er done.

UPDATE 16 May 2016 – An audio clip of the hearing reinforces our reporting. You can listen to it here.