It was all just too much for poor George Zimmerman. He was looking for a chance to shoot someone when he killed Trayvon Martin, then all the right wing money and fame just went to his head while he was getting off scot-free.

Now that he had an expensive taste for killing, Zimmerman kept feeling the urge, and it made him act out. Both his girlfriend and his ex-wife dropped charges against him after violent incidents; perhaps they were worried they might share Trayvon’s fate if they didn’t.

Craving another confrontation that would give him an excuse to murder again, and ever-eager to promote himself as the world’s most over-eager volunteer security guard, Zimmerman tried staking out his friend’s gun & pawn shop until the owner asked him to please never ever come back.

That’s the kind of escalation you normally expect in a serial killer. And now, he’s been harassing and stalking a random motorist:

The driver, 35-year-old Matthew Apperson, told Lake Mary police officers that a passenger in a truck stopped at a light next to his car on a busy street in this Orlando suburb, rolled down his window and yelled, “Hey, what’s your problem? Why you shaking your finger?”

Apperson said he was listening to music with his windows rolled up at the time, and that the passenger’s yelling was unprovoked.

The truck’s driver then asked Apperson, “Do you know who I am?” according to a police report. Apperson said he believed it was Zimmerman.

“George Zimmerman was the driver, and they were threatening to kick my ass and to shoot me,” Apperson told a police dispatcher in a 911 call.

Apperson told the dispatcher that he pulled into a nearby gas station to use the phone since he didn’t have his cellphone, and the truck followed him. Zimmerman drove the truck up to Apperson’s car, blocking him in, Apperson said.

“He almost hit my car and he said he would shoot me then,” said Apperson, who told the dispatcher that he never saw a gun in Zimmerman’s truck. “Both of them were threatening to shoot me and kill me.”

[…] Two days later, Apperson saw Zimmerman in his truck outside the disability benefits business where Apperson works.

“It seems like the guy is sitting there, waiting for me,” Apperson told a dispatcher in another 911 call. “It’s disheartening to see him lurking around here.”

Apperson has also dropped all charges due to the difficulty of proving his allegations, which is smart when you remember that Zimmerman is able to crowdsource huge sums of money from ammosexuals and racists who are willing to pay for his hefty defense fees.

George Zimmerman is a danger to himself and everyone around him. He will shoot to kill again, and as before he will claim self-defense. Don’t think for a minute that he won’t get away with it again, either, because we no longer live in a sane country. It’s his world now; we just live in it — unless he decides otherwise, of course.