George Zimmerman has no job, income, health insurance or home, but he’s still able to spend over $3000 a month on expenses, according to a recent affidavit submitted to the Seminole County court. George Zimmerman’s affidavit is a standard financial statement required by the civil proceedings as he battles through divorce with his wife, Shellie Zimmerman, who filed just two short months after his acquittal in the Trayvon Martin case.

The Orlando Sentinel explains, “As part of the divorce case, Zimmerman filed a financial affidavit last week, spelling out his income, assets and debts. According to it, he spends $3,304 a month, despite having no income.” He spends $100 a month on vacations, and $200 on counseling, according to the paperwork he submitted to the court. Zimmerman claims he is nearly $2.5 million in debt, consisting mostly of legal expenses. He has exhausted his $400,000 legal fund and now has a balance of $300. His filing also seemed to leave out some of his fundraising activity, including the painting he auctioned on Ebay last year for just over $100,000. It’s unclear how much his stockpile of guns is worth, however, he listed his total assets at $14,000 – most of which is attributed to the value of his 2008 Honda pickup.

Zimmerman may still have a chance at striking it rich off his status as a Tea Party hero, if he can only convince a Florida judge not to throw out  the rest of his libel case against NBC Studios. If he doesn’t strike it rich, he is also counter-suing his ex-wife for an equal share in all property between them.