Remember when President Donald Trump said the White House in a place where respect and decorum must be observed because… well, it’s the White House?

“Decorum. You have to practice decorum.”

Such a big boy PRESIDENTIAL tweet, right?

Representative Adam Schiff, D-CA, responded via a tweet of his own.

OK… we can allow for misspellings. After all, the “T” on the keyboard is just one row up and one over from the “F” . But in the past Trump has taken down tweets and replaced them… except for when his juvenile supporters get some sort of perverse kick from his most decidedly non-decorous nonsense.

Oooooh. The Cofeve is almost done!

By The Portly Pundit

After four months in the belly of the right wing media beast, and after a full four days of hot showering, everyone's favorite Portly Pundit is once again weaving tales of progressive pulchritude on Breitbart Unmasked.

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