Shortly after a Peace Order court proceeding in the case of Kimberlin vs. Walker, Aaron Justin Walker, upon having his case heard before Judge Eric M. Johnson, left the court and proceeded to contact the internet cyberstalker Seth Allen aka @Prepostericity advising him to check his email.


Shortly after this, Mandy Nagy, who blogs for as Liberty_Chick, sent another tweet to Seth Allen to once again go after the Plaintiff as he had done a number of times before.

Of course the infamous Dustin comes in and rallies Seth Allen to the just cause:


Then Mr. Seth L. Allen, who blogs as Socrates on his DavefromQueens2 blog, and tweets as @Prepostericity, started his harassment campaign all over again by posting another series of half truths and a obfuscations with a hint of his cyberstalking MO on his blog.

This is the same group of people who taunt, harass, defame, libel, and stalk others they don’t like, while claiming it is they who are stalked or victimized by those they go after who respond to their harassment. Not one tweet or post or anything else has come from this case from this website since it was heard on the 11th of April 2012. We here at BU have maintained a complete silence on this end hoping that the harassment would finally come to an end for the Plaintiff. But, being that the thugs who started with Andrew Breitbart cannot seem to quit or give up their stalking and or harassment campaigns until they destroy a man’s life or career, here they are again, fresh out of court being the aggressors, stalking their prey, and getting ready for another round of harassment towards that prey.

And Aaron Justin Walker, who blogs as Aaron Worthing, is now continuing his long running campaign against Mr. Kimberlin on his own blog allergic2bull.

Mr. Aaron Walker Attorney at Law has a thing for harassment and getting people fired up enough to grab the popcorn as he states in his latest post, so others can then witness his destructive behavior towards those he constantly victimizes. So, without further adieu, BU will document in the next series of posts more about Mr. Aaron Justin Walker Attorney at Law. Hopefully this will set the record straight before Mr. Walker comes out with his blathering series of lies, obfuscations and distortions, trying to make himself look good, while trying to make others look very bad for defending themselves against his constant harassment.

Stay Tuned…



  • Texas Tim

    I want to know if there was any ruling about the assault. Walker and others have said that no assault occurred so that is the crucial question. I am staying tuned.

  • Mary Rogets

    OMG, not that Judge Eric Johnson. I am with NOW and he has a terrible reputation in Montgomery County. Tell me it’s not so.

  • Sally Jeanne

    Breitbart thugs? Do you mean like the union thugs who beat up people? Only the Breitbart folks don’t beat anyone up. They just argue the truth. I think you mean the Breitbart free-speech advocates, and in one case possibly a defense attorney. We do have those in the United States of America. And yes, they hold a different ideology than you. So wouldn’t that make them merely wrong in your eyes, instead of evil?

    • LiberalGrouch

      No, they just lie and steal from their readers. Have you donated money to Stranahan’s emergency relocation fund? You were robbed. Did you donate to Aaron Walker because he lost his job to Brett Kimberlin’s terror threats? You were robbed. Did you give money to R. Stacy McCain because he lost his home because of Kimberlin? You were robbed. It’s time to stop being a dope, Sally. Watch something other than Fox News, and realize that these lying creeps are stealing from you.

      Or, stay stupid and give them all your money.