In an effort to further mask the identity or ownership of AceofSpadesHQ, the site has now been black holed and ends up going nowhere when just a week ago it redirected to the AceofSpades domain Ace.MU.NU. As we reported earlier here at BU, we had uncovered the actual owner of AceofSpadesHQ, which is a woman by the name of Michele Kerr. After several posts on Twitter from friends of AceofSpadesHQ complaining about our article here, and claiming that Ace was actually a man instead of a woman by the name of Michele Kerr, or just plain laughing about it, such as Patrick Frey tweeted a week ago claiming that he had known Ace for a very long time and knew Ace was a man, we decided to revisit this issue once again, and now we see that there is a plot behind the scenes to cover up Michele Kerr’s ownership of that domain. To start off, Wikipedia Editors have been trying feverishly to cover up the addition to the Wikipedia entry on AceofSpadesHQ that Michele Kerr had been identified by this website as the owner of the domain The claim from Wikipedia editors was that it was false speculation, or that the information was based upon uncited facts, and that the addition of identifying information and ownership of the domain to the Wiki on AceofSpadesHQ added nothing to the article but poorly researched speculation.

One Wikipedia editor from Australia, which is the birthplace of Rupert Murdoch and News Corp, tried to explain away the Whois directory as being a throwback to the 1980’s where domain information is often outdated and or plain wrong. Not to mention that it usually only showed the ISP’s information, and that any relevant facts that we have posted here are not worthy of consideration for inclusion into the AceofSpadesHQ Wiki.


Let’s examine this one more time. These are FACTS.

The above phone number is answered by Michele Kerr and is listed to J.M.Kerr and was verified by third party mainstream media which has been working with us here at BU for verification of facts related to this story.


The above site is referenced as the exact same phone number that is answered by Michele Kerr, and listed as the phone number assigned to the domain of

The above site is also listed to the same exact phone number as is listed to and answered by Michele Kerr.

The above image is from Google when searching Michele Kerr. Note the email address that Michele Kerr or is using when she was going to Stanford.


We have further information that now defines without a shred of doubt that Michele Kerr is in fact the owner of AceofSpadesHQ. However we are waiting for other journalists who are examining this at our request to verify the internal information we have provided them that will put this issue to rest once and for all. You can rest assured that within the space of a day or two we will reveal this information on this site which will put to rest any and all speculation about who owns AceofSpadesHQ.

Yes, laugh it up cowboy, laugh it up. In less than a day you won’t be laughing anymore. What will however occur is that you will either look like a total idiot or you will look like a bold faced liar. Take your pick Frey, I have my bets on you being a total liar, others however think you are a total idiot. And if you are an idiot, what does that say for your representation of the people of Los Angeles County? Of course if your proven to be what I think, which is a liar, then what does that say to the people of Los Angeles County? Either way you are about to have your ass handed to you. As for Michele Kerr: Michele, you can’t expect to close down your domain redirects and think that will solve all of your problems. Might as well just come clean now on your ownership of the domain and avoid the rush of having to explain it to mainstream journalists or other people probing your backside right now. At any rate stay tuned here for more information on this breaking story.