Robert Stacy McCain’s “I had to leave for my safety” article is a scam made in heaven for an unemployed racist hater. He designs a story around being kicked out of his church compound for attacking a non-profit which put the church in legal liability for his posts since he is an unemployed semi retired nut ball who spends his days and nights blogging and tweeting from church property. Now the scam is complete. He makes up a story about non-existent threats made against him which then forced him to flee from his home for his safety, then scams everyone into handing him money for his troubles. Hilarious if it wasn’t so true. I guess the right wingers fall for any scam these days, including but not limited to Nigerian 419 scams which prey on the weak minded and easily led.

I have seen about 50 of these tip jar posts on twitter already. Seems as if McCain has found a new calling: make up a story line, scam the gullible, then get paid for it. Hilarious. Someone should contact Paypal and tell them to look into his PayPal account, as he is scamming gullible conservatives to pay for a phony relocation scam when the story “as he produced it” never happened. The truth is the values of the church and not standing behind a known racist who was using their internet service to attack and victimize various people including non-profit organizations he didn’t like was the reason he was shown the door and told to leave. One could also contact the FBI and let them know that he is scamming people out of money using interstate commerce to get away with it. Wire Fraud anyone?