Aaron Walker and his attorney Dan Backer lost their motion for default judgement today against news reporter Ron Byrnaert and democratic operative Neal Rauhauser. The case was filed by Aaron Walker and his attorney Dan Backer from DB Capitol Strategies on a motion for default judgement against two other parties to Mr. Walker’s suit against Brett Kimberlin on grounds of insufficient service, failing to follow the rules of the court regarding service, and a host of other procedural issues relating to their attempts to serve the other defendants in the 66 million dollar case.

Our opinion:

Three lawyers sitting in a room with a combined decade worth of legal training cannot seem to bring a defeat to their arch nemesis Brett Kimberlin. Amazing. Of course in reality it isn’t so amazing. The case is a jumbled maze of rabbit holes and competing jurisdictions all mixed into one case and filed in one jurisdiction that probably doesn’t even have proper venue in the first place. And this on a case which seems on the surface to be nothing more than an attempt by Mr. Walker and his attorney Dan Backer to continue to inflict as much damage as they can against Mr. Kimberlin and the other parties involved in the case, while at the same time raising money to continue it. The only other losers in this case appear to be the donors who are spending hard earned cash on attorney’s that can’t quite seem to get their proverbial acts together in court. I guess you get what you pay for, three attorney’s and no way for any of them to figure out how to proceed or to at least proceed properly against Brett Kimberlin.


Kimberlin Wins Again.. And he is acting pro se without any legal training or law degrees or money to back him up; against attorney’s that have a combined decade worth of experience and law degrees from fancy institutions and donor money to back them up. Just amazing. Totally amazing….