In a rambling discussion on Lee Stranahan’s BlogRadio Podcast, Patrick Swift Read slams Aaron Walker by questioning him on why he showed up in court in Maryland in the Seth Allen lawsuit. Walker claimed on the podcast that he was in court that day to serve his own interests and not that of Seth Allen whom he had a prior attorney client relationship with. Read asked Walker directly why he had shown up to court in the matter of Seth Allen, and Walker then told Read and Lee Stranahan that he was in court to file a motion to keep his name out of the litigation between Allen and Brett Kimberlin and nothing else. In fact, Walker had decided early on that he was going to go to court to defend not only himself in the case, but also to defend Seth Allen in the case, and do it as an anonymous attorney no less. Walker had come up with this great scheme early on in which he would file a motion anonymously to keep his name out of it, then move the court to allow him to defend Seth Allen in the case as an anonymous attorney: whereby no one in the case would be able to address Walker by his given name. Walker had been blogging under the pseudonym of Aaron Worthing for a number of years for personal reasons, and it appears primarily because he had been running a Muslim hate blog under the free speech banner that many extremists use to foment their hatred, the blog was called Every One Draw Mohammed. At any rate the above statement comes directly from Walker’s blog back in December 2011 where he communicated his intentions in the legal case that was ongoing against Seth Allen, a liberal blogger who defected to the right wing for help in getting stories out about Brett Kimberlin that he had been writing about for years on end.

In the Stranahan podcast however Walker lies yet again in telling his tale of woe in trying to get his messages about Mr. Kimberlin out to the general public. He tells Read that he was in court that day just to keep his name out of the Allen suit, when in fact this is not even close to the truth. BU decided after listening to the podcast to let those who were listening to it know what was really going on. Walker has been on a crusade for a very long time against Brett Kimberlin, and now raises money for a legal defense fund to sue Brett Kimberlin in court for 68 million dollars just because Kimberlin had the audacity to file for a restraining order against Walker, and all because Walker, according to Mr. Kimberlin’s court filings in Maryland, had been harassing Mr. Kimberlin for a very long time.

The reality comes out above that Walker had a plan of action, and he was not in court that day to just represent his own interests in trying to keep his name out of the suit and walk out, rather he was also there to represent Mr. Allen as an anonymous attorney. This has partly been the basis for a lawsuit against Kimberlin which is based on fabrications and false narratives that Walker has spread throughout the internet about what really happened and why Walker really became involved in the case. On closer inspection Walker’s obfuscations and false narratives come out easily when he is questioned which cause Walker no end of grief, thus Walker ends up trying to defend these false narratives time and again. However when people lie about things they usually have trouble keeping up with all the lies they present, thus they end up making crucial mistakes in the narrative time and again when questioned. The key is to actually listen to the statements made early on and compare them to statements made later to see what is true and what isn’t true.

Walker tells so many different versions of his story that its hard for anyone to keep up with it. His long rambling 200 page screeds on his blog are so sleep inducing one never really gets past page 2, and I believe this is done to keep people off balance, because the longer a story is or the more complex it is all people tend to hear are the meta words or buzz words instead of the actual truth. The one thing that does happen frequently when questioning Walker is that you get accused of being a Brett Kimberlin ally or associate. The reason that is done is to keep people afraid of questioning the narrative thus getting at the truth of what is really going on. So people usually just accept Walker and his minions on faith, and when they do they are then asked to donate to Walker’s attorney’s in the case who mask themselves as some sort of bloggers defense team, which is supposed to represent bloggers who end up in court over blogging. However to date no one other than Walker gets free pro-bono representation, which shows the reality of this so called defense team.

The funny thing is people also tend to look at Walker as a victim rather than what he is, which is an attorney. The fact that Walker needs a legal defense fund and other attorney’s to defend him boggles the mind. These other attorney’s are also asking for public donations using a public charity to raise funds to litigate against a private individual, while telling the public that Walker has free representation which is scandal inducing to say the least. At any rate if you question Walker or any of his supporters in their quest to gain donations for their trumped up cause you get blamed for being a Brett Kimberlin apologist or Neal Rauhauser or part of the Kimberlin network, thus you are not supposed to ask questions or query anyone who is behind this scheme for fear of being labeled as part of the opposition.

So its a fail safe method for them to keep raising money despite repeated calls by conservatives questioning where the money is going. Thus if you question Walker or his motives suddenly you are an ally of Brett Kimberlin, which he even accused Mr. Read of being even though he isn’t. The reality is that Walker saw an opportunity in being overly involved in Mr. Kimberlin’s affairs and took it to the extremes which has now ended up in several courts where Walker is trying to pass off these false narratives to an unsuspecting judge, as well as the public for whom he asks for donations from. Walker has tried numerous courts of law so far in a forum shopping venture and has pretty much been thrown out of a many of them because the Judge saw right through Walker and his pandering for donations to support his new lifestyle of blogging and tweeting incessantly 24 hours a day 7 days a week about Mr. Kimberlin.

The other issue Walker had early on was that he had a desire to humiliate Mr. Kimberlin, and if anyone actually reads the early goings on concerning Walker’s case, one can easily see that it was all about people getting the popcorn out to watch Walker humiliate Mr. Kimberlin legally or otherwise get his revenge on him by mocking him at every turn just because Mr. Kimberlin wanted Walker to stop harassing him. Not only that, it was all about traffic to Walker’s blog as he stated here:


Like many who have blogged about Mr. Kimberlin in the recent past, its about blog traffic, celebrity status, news stories, and donations to fight the so called threat to free speech that those who have written about Kimberlin so far have manufactured out of thin air. The truth is usually lost early on, especially as the complexity of the case muddies the waters for those who desire to question those involved in the scheme. The more that is written about it the easier it is to cover up the truth about why it all got started or who was behind it all. The only thing that matters at the end of the day is the dollars gained, as the cause is nothing more than a means to an end which is to make as much money as one can make off it before the courts finally see through the plaintiffs bullshit suits, and then barring them from ever coming back. Of course the only other thing that could come out of it is that sanctions are issued against the plaintiffs attorney’s and Walker, and if that happens, all the money raised so far will end up in Mr. Kimberlin’s pocket, which is sure to piss off all the duped conservatives who supported Walker’s efforts so far. Imagine that, all the money raised ends up in Kimberlin’s pocket, and all courtesy of hard working conservative donors who sought only to bring Mr. Kimberlin down. That is of course a very real risk in all of this that Walker and his supporters don’t wish to discuss. Frivolous court actions often do result in sanctions, and if that were to take place, Mr. Kimberlin would end up being owed money for his time in defending against the frivolous suits. It does seem however that donors fail to take that into consideration when donating. The real key here is to ask questions just like you would of anyone asking you for money. If someone asks you for money then do the due diligence on them before investing as any one would. Ask questions, and if those questions bother those asking for your hard earned dollars then you know what to do, walk away. Staying in is a game of suckers, and even though they are born every minute, don’t get caught being one yourself. That is all we here at BU can do, which is to illuminate the lies and the bullshit that others spread in the name of money. At the end of the day only you can judge what is best for you.