What is going on with McDonald’s workers these days? In a shocking video a black woman in Salem New Jersey dressed in a McDonald’s uniform violently attacks a white woman on the ground, while her child tries to intervene kicking the attacker several times trying to get her to stop the attacker. Other people in the video pull out their cameras and cell phones to record the attack instead of trying to break it up. The toddler in this case is the only one with the balls to try to stop the attack, while others around the fight seem to be more interested in filming it for their various Facebook and social media feeds. According to new reports the Salem Police Chief posted on his Facebook page that the suspect in the attack was quickly identified and charges are now being filed for the assault.


It seems that fast food workers at McDonald’s have taken their rage out on customers all over the United States in videos posted on YouTube and various social media. Here are just a few examples of these raging employees below which leaves open the question of what is going on at McDonald’s these days?