A Maryland judge may finally put an end to W.J.J. Hoge’s habitual stalking of the Kimberlin family this Friday. According to the Maryland case search website, a temporary peace order was issued against Hoge this past Friday afternoon, with another hearing scheduled at the end of this week to determine whether the peace order should be extended for six months.


The clique of comment creeps at his ‘Hogewash’ blog — a band I have begun to call “Lemmengs” due to the enthusiastic participation of career con artist Paul Lemmen — want to assign me responsibility for this litigation, speculating that Mr. Kimberlin is using my blog posts as evidence. But that simply isn’t true: Mr. Kimberlin is quite capable of printing out his own screenshots of Hoge and the Lemmengs fantasizing in comment threads about “rescuing” Kelsie, discussing her age, remarking on the age of consent in Maryland, etc. Their words are his evidence, so when Hoge sees the judge this Friday morning, he cannot save himself by dropping the name of this website or the names of past and present BU writers. We are totally irrelevant to these proceedings.

In fact, my sources inform me that Kelsie Kimberlin is an enthusiastic advocate of this legal approach. Hoge, who watched the Kimberlins’ daughter shout at his attorney Zoa Barnes during courtroom testimony last year, could explain to his loyal Lemmings just why she is so angry at him, and does not want the Lemmengs’ “help” with her family, but he won’t, because the truth doesn’t make him look like much of a man. Nevertheless, the fundamental dishonesty of Hoge’s longtime narrative will become blisteringly clear in about 90 hours whether he likes it or not, and I expect the Lemmengs will follow him right over this cliff.

How will Hoge cope with being an adjudicated stalker of teenage girls? How will a six-month peace order affect his gun permit, or his employment at the Goddard Space Flight Center? These are the questions BU will ask and try to answer. Stay tuned!

27 thoughts on “William Hoge, Adjudicated Stalker? Peace Order Hearing This Friday”
  1. Word on the street is that Ms. Kimberlin is no fan on WJJ Hoge and doesn’t like him, not even a LITTLE bit.

    1. I can’t imagine why.

      I thought the old duffer was just full of sunshine, lollipops, unicorns and rainbows. What 15 year old girl doesn’t like those?

  2. There’s no question Hoge is now an adjudicated stalker and harasser of teenage girls – for the next 90 hours.

    What remains to be seen is if this adjudication will go on for another six months and beyond.

    1. And whether or not a Montgomery County Court Commissioner will find probable cause to charge Mr. Hoge under Grace’s Law.

      1. If that does happen and he ends up in the slammer he had better ask for PC.

        I hear those jailhouse boys take a dim view to such shenanigans.

      1. As do I.

        And I also enjoy how reasonable the Lemmengs are becoming all of a sudden, repeating the same line of reasoning Bill has often employed (correctly) in situations like these.

        They wouldn’t give Bill any quarter on it, I’m not going to give them any in return.

  3. If Hoge manages somehow to dodge this particular bullet, I’ll stop calling him an adjudicated harasser and stalker of teenage girls.

    But for the next 90 hours I get that honor.

  4. They’re just pretending none of this is happening over the in make-believe land of Hogevania. Much more fun to insult the crippled guy than to think your Bloggy Daddy is a DERANGED CYBERSTALKER and ADJUDICATED HARASSER of a TEENAGED GIRL.

    1. Or that he’s gonna have this dropped on Friday.

      I don’t rate his chances of doing that very high.

  5. This poor girl. Sorry, but she’s been through enough crap having to deal with crazy “righteous” people. Hope she gets some vindication.

    1. Wasn’t there a few very vicious commenters on the article about Ms. Kimberlin’s music? Anyone have a copy of that or remember who they were?

      1. I looked at an old copy of it yesterday. They removed the comments from the online version. But Stranahan started with the slime, Aaron Walker continued as did a few other anonymous dipshits.

    1. I do declare!

      I believe I smell the fear and despair of a rat that’s about to be sniffed out.

  6. It’s going to be Mr. Hoge against his own words and deeds. The young girl only needs to testify about her fear and emotional upset because of Mr. Hoge’s conduct. I wonder if the judge will order his arrest on the spot under Grace’s law. There is a great deal of pressure on officials in Montgomery County to protect children from stalkers and online harassment. I am going to call the state’s attorney and ask them to have a prosecutor at the hearing so they can see probable cause and swear out a warrant or have the deputies arrest him.

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