Published with permission from AlterNet The racist, misogynist, authoritarian strain has always been there, but Trump’s candidacy has brought it into the mainstream. And media have helped. Time was when a presidential candidate who played footsie with segregationists and white supremacists would have banished to the fringes of the American political scene. But Republican presidential nominee…

  • King Leonidas

    The Alt Right doesn’t want to be informed. They don’t want their narrow-minded racist world view to be challenged. They want to be fed. They want those raw, bleeding chunks of red meat. They want to feel their teeth (or what pointy shards remain) rip the flesh, to feel the red juices of hatred flow down into their stringy beards or puffy double chins. It’s all about the hate. The Alt Right is driven by it. The Trump campaign backs the truck right up to the gate and throws the red meat with pitchforks. It’s what they want, and they will get their fill.

    This won’t end when Hillary is elected. The Alt Right is already laying the groundwork to claim the election has been stolen from them by a system rigged to silence them. There’s nothing that the horribly oppressed white people in America like as much as being portrayed as victims. Except for raw, bleeding meat. They like that much better.

    This nation is in for a hard time until the conditions the talented Ms. Stan so skillfully points out are changed and people learn it’s OK to disagree, but it is NOT OK to hate the people you disagree with.