Poking around PACER, one finds the most interesting things. Things that journalists like Tommy Christopher might want to look into, if they found themselves writing about Aaron Walker aka Aaron Worthing. The following is from an order made by the court overseeing that lawsuit, after taking testimony from Walker who was using the pseudonym AJW, regarding a suit for disability claim against the Law School Admission Council that he had been denied by the LSAC during his Law School Admissions Test. The court found that LSAC should give Aaron Walker additional test times, isolation from others, ear plugs, and a personal computer that others taking the same test would not be allowed to use. LSAC found that Walker had failed to document adequately both his disability and his need for accommodations on the LSAT test. Walker then sued the Law School Admission Council anonymously and asked for an injunction against LSAC forcing LSAC to give Walker what he requested, which was to wit:

1. 18 Minutes of Additional Test Time For Each Section of The Test Except The Written Portion For Which He Must Be Provided Double Time.

2. 10 Minutes Additional Rest Time Between Sections Of The Tests

3. Testing In Isolation

4. Use Of Ear Plugs

5. Use Of Walkers Personal Computer On The Written Portion Of The Test Whereby He Took A Specially-Administered Version Of The LSAT Test.


Talk about getting ahead or having a distinct advantage over others who have to take the same test under much harder circumstances. Yes, Aaron Walker claims he has this special needs requirement, yet he still shows up for court hearings, and can file numerous frivolous lawsuits to silence opponents, and can even find time to tweet while working, blog while going to court, and telling various judges one story that doesn’t fit the other stories he gave other courts. He is one amazing disabled individual.

The relevance of the disability claim is described in his court filing, which I found on PACER as well, in four parts: one, two, three and four which are posted above. Interesting reading. Apparently he believed he had not been given a fair chance to take the LSAT test, presumably because he was somehow disabled, given the lawsuit’s allegations. But I guess it was good enough to use to gain an advantage and pass the LSAT test, even though he had been instructed initially to take the test as others take the test.

By the way, I should note that Aaron Walker has threatened to sue anyone who mentions his name or for writing posts critical of him:

The theory is that, by pointing out holes in his story about his Muslim Hate Blog EveryoneDrawMohammed, on a public blog, concerning a matter of public interest, anyone posting about him in public will face charges of inciting terrorism and a number of other frivolous charges he can make up in a civil suit.

The claim is absurd. If a non-lawyer criticizes Aaron Walker, in a way that gives him a legal argument in court, is that inciting terrorism? No self-respecting lawyer or Judge would buy this logic, so he moved on to another false claim: that instead of attacking a plaintiff in a civil case, which he was not even supposed to show up for, for attempting to take his picture, the real reason, according to his testimony in court to a judge, was that he attacked the plaintiff because he thought the plaintiff manufactured a bomb and put it in his iPad and was attempting to use it against him, so he, Aaron Walker, lunged at the plaintiff, and towards the supposed bomb instead of away from it like normal people would do when facing the threat of a bomb going off near them, and forcibly took away the plaintiffs iPad and held it until the police confiscated it and returned it to the plaintiff moments later. You can add that to a large set of other falsehoods he has told in recent days and weeks.

The motive is to silence critics about his Muslim Hate Blog EveryoneDrawMohammed. The likely result is that his tactics will draw greater attention to criticism of his claims that he has never said anything bad about Muslims, because he uses drawings as speech and not words against Muslims, and his tactics of trying to silence his critics have pretty much fallen on deaf ears.

UPDATE: Interesting points in comments about the harm to the soldiers fighting in the battlefield on other blogs that websites similar to EveryoneDrawMohammed can cause to those brave soldiers fighting our battles in distant lands, and how those drawings don’t mix well with trying to win the hearts and minds of other cultures. One of the drawings showing The Prophet Mohammed having sex with a goat which was designed by a character named JD, who is a long time member of Patterico.com, and who co-owns the blog EveryoneDrawMohammed with Dustin and Aaron Walker, is commonly attributed as a serious hater of Muslims, which begs the question, does he have a problem with schizophrenia, mania, or bipolar disorder — all afflictions that may well not be temporary? If JD was taking medications in late 2011, it could explain why he drew such cartoons and had such a strong reaction from the public to continue it for Aaron Walker.

There is another point about mental disorders that, together with the above information, might make for an interesting post. Will have to think about this one . . .


HAT TIP To John Patrick Frey at Patterico.com for the story idea…