This is filed under interesting connections. The Aaron Walker court case, which was on appeal from a lower court ruling on a Peace Order against Aaron Justin Walker Attorney at Law, has some interesting connections between the parties listed in the above title to this article. I will dispense with the usual banter on what this case was about and head right to who Aaron Walker hired as his legal defense. That person was the esteemed attorney from Maryland, Reginald W. Bours. What is interesting about Mr. Bours is that he represented a guy by the name of Jason Christopher Lay, an infamous child molester who had been sentenced by Judge Eric M. Johnson to 30 years confinement in the state prison for repeatedly molesting a 4 year old girl. Mr. Bours, after a period of time, went before Judge Eric M. Johnson and asked the court to rethink the sentence imposed on the vicious child molester Jason Lay. His arguments were that Mr. Lay had been suffering in prison, and that suffering was just too harsh, and because of that, he needed to be set free again because he had learned his lesson. He asked Judge Eric M. Johnson to reduce his sentence and allow him to be freed from such harsh confinement. Prison is just too hard on Child Molesters he reasoned. The legal arguments presented by Mr. Bours were:

“What has happened to this defendant in the prison system is arguably worse than what happened to the girl. He almost lost his life … He has also been a victim, and he no longer has the unrealistic expectation that he get probation for this offense.”

I almost screamed when I read that argument. Mr. Bours further went on to say:

“You cannot look at this person over here and just say he’s a monster and forget about him. And I count on your honor to put some balance on this. I’ve known you a long time, and I think you care about people. And this is somebody you should care about a little, too.”

The prosecutors went on to argue that the defendant was too vicious to be released back into society and went on to say:

“I know your honor asks us to have an open mind. On this particular case, after trying so many child abuse cases, we don’t have an open mind about it, because it was one of the worst cases that we’ve tried.”

But Judge Eric M. Johnson was having none of it. The Judge’s response to that argument was to say:

“He didn’t snatch this child from a school playground. He was invited into the home. I find your remorse to be genuine.”

At that point he reduced the child molesters sentence by half, which allows him to see daylight in 2013. The judge went on to say that the mother should have noticed the warning signs, thus making the mother out to be the abuser and poor old Jason Lay the victim in this case. This story is an amazing story, and has been extensively written about here at people you will see in hell.  I suggest you give that story a very careful read for it is extremely telling about the kind of court system that allows victims to be further victimized while the abusers pretty much get off  with a slap on the wrist.

Oh yes, there is also a YouTube video of it showing a protest by NOW.


That’s right, Judge Eric M. Johnson cut the sentence of another child molester from 18 years to 18 months. And that case was equally as bad as this one.

Aaron Justin Walker Attorney At Law, in his appeal to the higher court of his Peace Order filed by Mr. Kimberlin, just so happened to wind up in Judge Eric M. Johnson’s court that morning, and ended up with a quick victory for Aaron Walker with Reginald Bours attending him in the same court that the child molester Jason Christopher Lay was essentially freed from. What I find interesting is this tweet from Aaron Walker, who blogs as Aaron Worthing, to his close friends Patrick Frey at, and Dustin his close friend and associate, and also Mandy Nagy who blogs as Liberty_Chick, the night before the case was due to come to trial:

What good news could one have the night before a trial that was “very good news” to him and his crew of malcontents? Could it have been that his attorney told him that the case was set in a friendly court where the Judge would rule in favor of Aaron Walker? I do wonder just what “good news” that could have been? And enough good news to let others know via tweets? Was that news essentially that the case was automatically placed in Judge Johnson’s court who was known to be a friendly Judge to Reginald W. Bours? Knowing that the court did not assign a judge to the case until almost 10:30 am that morning, I do wonder if the fix was not in? And maybe because Reginald Bours had an ace up his sleeve concerning this case: and that ace up his sleeve was getting Judge Eric M. Johnson to preside over the case, who was already a known friendly Judge to Reginald W. Bours. Stranger things have happened I am sure. And with the parties involved its no wonder that Aaron Justin Walker came away with a minor victory. Of course the case itself on that day was so totally bizarre that it wouldn’t be out of place for me to think that the fix was in ahead of the case being heard.

My other question is: did Aaron Walker know he was hiring such a lawyer? Did he care? Does he care about who he contacts to represent him? Does he care that he aligned himself with a famed attorney that seems to be a bleeding heart for vicious Child Molesters? Does he care that the man that represented him seems to care that poor child molesters have it rough while in prison?

The mother in the above case claimed to the Judge this:

 “Jason is far more capable of defending himself than was my granddaughter at age four.”

The Judge replied:

“I have a daughter. I’d be mad, too. But we’re in a court of law. We’re not the way the country used to be back in the days of the roaring West, where judges did what the crowd wanted — just, they want to hang him, that’s what the judges did back in those days.”


The interesting part about this case was that the Judge in the Walker case said somewhat the same thing to Mr. Kimberlin in his case. He said that Mr. Kimberlin didn’t have a right to be offended by Mr. Walker’s statements against him online. And while Judge Eric M. Johnson claimed he didn’t know what a blog was, but had thought it was similar to a magazine, he decided a case against Mr. Kimberlin based upon a ruling that said that Mr. Kimberlin couldn’t prove that an assault by Mr. Arron Walker would take place again. And because of that, Mr. Kimberlin did not have a right to a Peace order to protect himself from Mr. Walker’s continuous attacks. The funny thing about this case was that the original Peace Order was given because of Mr. Walker’s continuous tweets and blog posts about Mr. Kimberlin, which according to the lower court Judge was harassment. Yet in Judge Eric M. Johnson’s court none of that testimony was allowed – nor was Mr. Kimberlin allowed to even discuss it. The only thing on the Judge’s mind was the January 9th 2012 assault outside the courtroom. And the original Peace Order was not even about that, rather it was about a pattern of conduct by Mr Walker towards Mr. Kimberlin that the Peace Order was granted in which Mr Walker appealed, and in which Judge Eric M. Johnson refused to even allow to be brought up.

I guess that was some very good news indeed for Mr. Aaron Justin Walker Attorney at Law.

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