A very early Stephen Bannon video from 2010 where he is talking to the infamous Melissa Clouthier about his new film, Fire From The Heartland. The movie is told from the viewpoint of the beginnings of the alt-right movement, but from a female perspective, showing how women are creating a strong tea party movement. Midpoint through the interview, Bannon claims that liberals were the reasons why women were suppressed. It wasn’t the right wing, it was the left who was responsible for keeping women down. Now that we know more about Bannon and Trump and how they treat women, its interesting to see a very early version of Bannon and what his thought processes were in the early days towards women. If anything comes from this, it’s that we know how the right wing treats women today, and we know that women are one of the hardest segments of voters to obtain for Trump.

  • BreitbartDeepThroat

    Bannon is a right wing anarchist who is going to die from a massive coronary just like his dumbass, hate filled boss Andrew Breitbart did. I know Bannon personally, and I know about his health problems. Bannon is obese, he suffers from hypertension, and he and Trump both have prostate cancer. No one is talking about that —yet. I even have an email discussing Bannon’s super elevated PSA results. I’ll bet a 100 to 1 that neither Bannon nor Trump will release their medical records because they will show that both are ill. That’s what hate does to you. I broke with Bannon because I could not stomach what he was peddling. And I took a suitcase full of documents with me. You think the DNC hack was bad, just wait till I figure out a way to release these without getting sued.

  • Wuulf

    Alt-right is the politically correct term for racist, white supremacist, anti-Semitic bigotry.

  • BreitbartDeepThroat

    Suggestion for another great BU post: Trump is putting on his faux outreach to African Americans– well, how about reminding people about how Breitbart destroyed the minority outreach group ACORN with edited videos, and how Breitbart targeted African American Shirely Sherrod with another false narrative that resulted in her firing, and how Breitbart tried to destroy African American Nadia Naffe ofter she outed serial liar James O’Keefe. These attacks were not only against African Americans, but against African American women.

    And yesterday, we learned that Steve Bannon, who I know well, was charged with domestic violence for strangling his ex wife. And we know that Donald Trump was accused of domestic violence for similar conduct by his ex wife Ivana. And how many wives have these guys had– and how many kids by different wives? Bannon divorced the strangled wife shortly after she had twins. Great father and husband that slime bag turned out to be. Anyway, expounding on these points would be a great article.

    Oh, BTW, Shirley Sherrod sued Breitbart and that was suit was settled last September with a large monetary payout to Sherrod, which Breitbart insisted on being confidential.

  • BreitbartDeepThroat

    Not only is Bannon a racist, he is also an anti Semite. He hates Jews, calls them whiny and snotty and the cause of most of the world’s problems. If Trump got elected, Bannon would be in charge of the deportation camps, and would make sure that as many Jews as possible ended up there. He would expand the definition of what constitutes an alien in order to include Jews. He told me once that all the Jews who emigrated to the US should be deported back to their home countries, even those who escaped persecution. He said that Russia has the right idea in targeting gays, minorities and even Jews. He said he loves the fact that the the Russian Orthodox Church is really an arm of the Kremlin because it gives them cover to discriminate. Anyone, like me, who has spent a lot of time with Steve Bannon knows that he sees the world in black and white, there are no greys or colors. His world view is paternalistic, white, Christian, and superior. If you are outside of that view, you are an enemy who should be destroyed, abused, and crushed.


    If those damn liberals hadn’t gone and given women ideas like they should be allowed to vote and have control over their own bodies, America wouldn’t have any problems today and angry white males wouldn’t have reason to be angry or afraid. /s