The thing that you need to pay attention to as you watch this video is a technique used by Aaron J. Walker, WJJ Hoge III, “Paul Krendler” and the various other monsters that live in the dark spots under the bridge in the Enchanted Forest.

Please note how the liar, in this case Walker, makes a false statement, amplifies it as if it were a true statement, and it becomes part of the record. It provides a quote that their supporters can go back to years or months later and use as a basis for claiming the truth of the original lie told by the liar.

This example at the 3:22 point in the video, for instance, when Walker points to Brett Kimberlin’s cameraman and asks the transcriber, “Has he identified himself for the record?”

“He won’t give his name,” she replied.

“He won’t give his name,” Walker repeats.

“Due to your history,” the unidentified cameraman says.

Walker sits back in his chair and sneers. “My history of what?”

“Your history of smearing people online and having your goons…”

Walker interrupts and enters a lie for the record.

“In other words, I’m guessing you have some kind of criminal record that you don’t want us to know about, right?”

“Nope,” the cameraman replies. But it’s out there. The typical “smear first and ask questions never” tactic of the right wing. If you SAY someone is a criminal, then he IS a criminal. If you SAY someone is committing a crime, then that person IS committing a crime.

Pay attention during this two-hour video and listen to the number of times where Walker tells Kimberlin that he is responsible for the attention he draws to himself, his wife, his family, because of the “crimes” he is committing. Never mind that Brett Kimberlin has not been convicted of anything remotely criminal since his release from prison.

Missing from this deposition, and a question I would have liked to see Brett Kimberlin ask, an explanation as to who appointed Aaron Walker and WJJ Hoge III to monitor the behavior of Brett Kimberlin, to report him for imaginary crimes, to involve themselves in the personal affairs of the Kimberlin families, leading to Brett and Tetyana Kimberlin filing “Grace Law” charges against Walker…charges that were deemed nolle prosequi by the Montgomery County States’ Attorney.

On this video, you WILL hear Aaron Walker explain why he feels it’s his right to stalk and harass the young Miss Kimberlin since, in Walker’s opinion, “Grace’s Law” is unconstitutional.

Watch the video. Then share your impressions in the comment section below.

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