Retired Lt. Gen. and 24-day National Security Adviser Michael Flynn could be facing up to five years as a guest at a Federal Grey Bar Hotel, according to National Security Council Senior Director Ned Price.

Raw Story reports:

Michael Flynn could now be facing a five year prison sentence after it was revealed that he was told that taking payments from foreign governments was illegal but did it anyway.

According to documents released this week by the House Oversight Committee’s ranking Democratic member, Flynn was advised by the Pentagon in 2014 that he was barred from accepting cash from foreign governments. It was later revealed that Flynn had accepted money for a speaking engagement in Russia on behalf of the Kremlin-back RT network. He also did lobbying work on behalf of Turkey.

Price said, “What the White House could produce is the information that Mike Flynn copped to or, as the case may, be did not admit to when he was submitting his paperwork to be national security adviser. It’s a very simple question. Did Mike Flynn admit on that paperwork that he accepted money from the Russian government?”

Price added: “If not, was it willful? And if that’s the case, it’s sounds like he is subject to a felony. A felony that I as I understand it could land him up to five years in prison.”

No wonder Flynn’s offer to squeal, sing and chirp like a birdie at the same time in exchange for immunity was turned down. The smaller fish generally lead the expert angler to the bigger, tastier fish.

By The Portly Pundit

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