The American Health Care Plan, if passed in its present form, will throw 23 million people off the insurance rolls by 2026.


Health-care legislation adopted by House Republicans earlier this month would leave 23 million more Americans uninsured within a decade, the Congressional Budget Office projected Wednesday — only a million fewer than the estimate for the House’s earlier bill.

The finding, which drew immediate fire from Democrats, patient advocates, health industry officials and some business groups, could complicate Republicans’ push to pass a companion bill in the Senate.

Keep in mind that the bill in its present form is not expected to see the light of day.

As Republican senators quickly distanced themselves from the updated numbers, what became apparent is the difficult balancing act congressional leaders face as they seek to rewrite large portions of the Affordable Care Act. Some GOP senators are eager to soften portions of the House bill, including cuts to entitlement programs and a provision that would allow insurers in individual states to offer fewer benefits in their health plans or charge consumers with costly medical conditions higher premiums.

Still, as long as Donald Trump and the GOP Amen Choir are preaching the text of tax cuts for the ultra wealthy, someone is gonna get screwed.

Probably, you.

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