Oh, that’s just nasty! Fox News Host Eric Bolling was one of former Congressman Anthony Weiner harshest critics when the New York Democrat was caught sending “dix pix” to females not named Mrs. Weiner.

Guess what.

According to Raw Story, Bolling got caught sending unsolicited photos of his genitalia to female colleagues at both his network as well as Fox Business News.

Someone should fire whoever is in charge of the Sexual Harassment Awareness team at Fox.

According to the Huffington Post, Fox News host Eric Bolling allegedly sent unsolicited photos of his penis to at least three female coworkers — two at Fox Business and one at Fox News.

The three women in question all independently confirmed the accusations to HuffPost (who is withholding their identities), four others confirmed to HuffPost that they’d seen the offending messages and an additional eight confirmed that they’d heard about the messages.

The women said they concluded the messages, which were sent separately and at various times over the past several years, came from Bolling based on seeing his phone number in various group text messages.

Bolling has joined the ever growing group of Fox-ers to be suspended for doing naughty things to women with their wee-wees.

According to the New York Times:

A lawyer for Mr. Bolling, Michael J. Bowe, did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment on Saturday. Mr. Bowe told HuffPost that “Mr. Bolling recalls no such inappropriate communications, does not believe he sent any such communications, and will vigorously pursue his legal remedies for any false and defamatory accusations that are made.”

The law firm Paul, Weiss will handle the investigation, the network said on Saturday. It added that a rotation of substitute hosts would fill in for Mr. Bolling on “The Fox News Specialists,” where he is currently a co-host.

Another Fox News host, Bill O’Reilly, was forced to leave the network in April after The New York Times reported on a series of sexual harassment allegations against him. Roger Ailes was ousted as the network’s chairman and chief executive last July after allegations that he had sexually harassed female co-workers. He died in May.

Naughty, Naughty, NAUGHTY!

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