One of Andrew Breitbart’s contributors on and is Aaron Worthing who blogs as a: Pseudonymous blogger at Allergic to Bull. His real name is Aaron Justin Walker, and he considers himself just a regular, sort-of cranky, moderately conservative lawyer, living in the greater Washington, D.C. area and ruminating on law, life, and the local spectator sport known as politics. At first glance Aaron Walker seems like a mild mannered Clark Kent using his fantasy nickname Aaron Worthing, while ruminating on legal issues concerning the constitution and Richard Stengel’s Essay on The Constitution.  But what is underneath this character is far more sinister and one in which I would like to examine closer. It is also I think a very interesting story. Looking into the characters that surrounded Andrew Breitbart was a very eye opening experience for me, especially looking at the close knit crew of Islamophobes such as Aaron Walker, and those that follow him or look up to him such as Mandy Nagy aka Liberty_Chick, John Patrick Frey aka Patterico, and a number of others who I will dig into later in this series. In studying Aaron Walker, what I found was an extremely disturbing portrait of a man living on the edge of reason and mired in a melting pot of religious intolerance and hate. This story has been going on for a number of years, so trying to get that told in one article would be very difficult. On the one hand one doesn’t want to be long winded; on the other hand one has quite a bit of territory to cover to make the story balanced. So it is with that in mind I took the approach of working this in as a series of articles.

I don’t think it is any surprise that Andrew Breitbart was considered by many to be unbalanced, or that his view on news or events was even credible. Most people believe what they want to believe when it comes to the media. And to a larger degree people tend to feed on news that suits their beliefs or their own personal perception of the world around them. However when that news is fed to them by people who have an agenda that has very dark underpinnings, then I think examining those people who deliver that news is warranted. In the case of Aaron Walker, Mr. Walker became embroiled in a minor civil case concerning a plaintiff who had sued an individual that had been stalking him on the internet for several years. The case itself seemed on the surface to be a case of a disgruntled former blogger who had lost out on a job to blog for Brad Friedman of The former blogger, Seth L. Allen, then set out on an internet smear campaign to destroy both Brad Friedman and his business partner Brett Kimberlin. I won’t go into detail about either of them in this post, suffice it to say though that there was a larger campaign against both parties started by The U.S. Chamber of Commerce which had been under attack by organizations involved with Mr. Kimberlin, and which ended up in the folding of the HBGary Security firm over planned social media destruction campaigns against both Brad Friedman and his business partner: which HBGary had been competing for in the security sector with Palantir Security and a number of other firms that called themselves Team Themis.

Around this time Aaron Justin Walker aka Aaron Worthing, was blogging as a guest blogger at with the venerable John Patrick Frey who is an assistant Los Angeles district attorney and who is at the very top of the contributor list on (Now and also was a personal friend of the late Andrew Breitbart. Both Mr. Frey and Mr. Aaron Walker became involved in the court case of the stalker by the name of Seth L. Allen who had been running a focused smear campaign against Brad Friedman and Brett Kimberlin. Mr. Kimberlin had a small role in running a website dedicated to rooting out the late Andrew Breitbart’s association with James O’Keefe, and calling for his prosecution. Seth L. Allen, who was stalking Mr. Kimberlin, then ended up being directed over to Patrick Frey and the website to find help in his smear campaign. At this point the late Andrew Breitbart had found another nail to hammer against Brad Friedman and Brett Kimberlin, and using Seth Allen’s own posts to continue the smear campaign, but to a wider audience. On the surface it looked innocent, but later it became more sinister, with Mr. Frey taking the mantle and campaign of the stalker by giving his articles front page positioning on his blog, thus enhancing Seth Allen’s stalking activities to a larger or wider audience. It was no secret at the time that Patrick Frey was involved in trying to bring Brad Friedman down, as the two parties had a hatred for one another that was legendary. So adding the extra voice of the stalker in the guise of Seth Allen to the mix was a great find for them, and also for Mr. Breitbart, who himself had been under attack by the website and Mr. Kimberlin. Seth Allen seemingly was a goldmine for their campaign to destroy Brad Friedman and Brett Kimberlin in one fell swoop.

In part two of this series I will explore more of Aaron Walker and his EveryoneDrawMohammed Website of Hate as well as discuss his background as an Attorney, and highlight the present court cases which are ongoing against him, and cases which he has initiated on his own, as well as discuss the ramifications of some of the outcomes of those cases which are winding their way through the courts. Plus, we will finally get to take a closer look at a man who has for all intents and purposes threatened anyone who talks about him with criminal charges for even mentioning his name or his associations. It is funny in a way, because people such as Mr. Walker always stand up for free speech and the exercise of that speech by blogging or writing news stories on people they don’t like. But when someone decides to do a story on them, they threaten you with the most serious charges one can imagine. And they tell you to seek out a lawyer before commencing to talk about them: as if they have some right to speech that no one else save them are allowed to exercise. Well Mr. Walker we are not amused, nor are we afraid of you or your threats to file frivolous lawsuits for talking about you here, or even talking about you with other people we know or organizations dedicated to rooting out hate and bullying the likes of which we feel you have been responsible for. We see you as a public figure, and will write about you as much as we feel is necessary. And we will discuss that here and on other blogs, and with various news organizations that we come into contact with, as well as the SPLC and CAIR and a number of other Muslim Organizations which have already contacted about you.