I just noticed that the Manassas Attorney at Law Aaron Justin Walker was on the Glenn Beck show touting that he had been fired from his job because of Brett Kimberlin. However, I wanted to show why Mr. Walker was fired, or at least show why the employees at Mr. Walker’s job at Professional Health Care Resources in Virginia didn’t want him around, which finally resulted in his termination. It wasn’t because Mr. Kimberlin had called his work or had threatened him or anything of the sort. In fact, Mr. Walker, who had been blogging for years as Aaron Worthing, had created a blog that was considered hateful to Muslims. That blog which is now private invite only was called Everyonedrawmohammed.blogspot.com. It had drawn the ire of a number of government officials at the State Department as well as caused a number of Muslim organizations to be alarmed at what he was doing, which in effect was drawing offensive cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed in extremely disparaging ways. What is below is some of Mr. Walker’s comments on his own blog that caused his employers to be worried that they in fact would be targeted by extremist Muslims who would express their displeasure at having such cartoons of their Prophet displayed by Mr. Walker. Mr. Walker’s employers only learned of this through Mr. Walker publicly getting involved in the Seth Allen court case, and once they found out what kind of individual he was, they decided they wanted nothing to do with him after that.

The Murder Threat from Seth Allen.

Mr. Walker tries to spin it that somehow Mr. Kimberlin was involved in calling his work or getting him fired, when Mr. Kimberlin never did do anything of the sort. It was through Mr. Walker’s insertion into a court case that was not even remotely Mr. Walker’s case that caused him to be identified. It was in fact a case about Seth Allen a notorious cyberstalker who had been stalking people on the left for almost a decade. When Mr. Allen started stalking Mr. Kimberlin he was sued over it, and Mr. Walker became involved behind the scenes in trying to help Mr. Allen in his legal case. Mr. Kimberlin received a death threat from Mr. Allen that was addressed to Mr. Walker who had been telling people his name was Aaron Worthing Attorney at Law, as well as Mandy Nagy, Andrew Breitbart, and John Patrick “Patterico” Frey, which prompted Mr. Walker to become part of the Allen court case.

That was the basis for Mr. Walker to get involved. While Mr. Walker failed to even notify anyone of this email in Law Enforcement, (his excuse in court was that he had a dental appointment and was too busy to be bothered with this kind of open threat) Mandy Nagy thought it was important enough to contact Law Enforcement, who then notified Mr. Kimberlin who then took it to court. Of course this email was taken by right wingers as nothing. Yet, right wingers like Robert Stacy McCain feel that a phone call to the national office of where he was residing at to inquire about why he was attacking Brett Kimberlin while living at the 7th Day Adventists compound is considered a major threat, and enough of one to flee from his home like a coward. But murder emails? No, that is not a threat at all. Eventually it was found that Mr. Walker was running a blog that was filled with these cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, and it was actually the statements Mr. Walker had made on that blog that caused alarm for the normal every day people around him such as his co-workers. Some of those statements are below.

Mr. Walker had been ginning up support on his blog by asking others to submit what he termed as FATWA worthy cartoons. Fatwa meaning cartoons or images that were guaranteed to get him on some form of Muslim extremist death list. That was Mr. Walker’s criteria for others to submit articles to his hate blog. They had to be death worthy, else they would not be included on the website. I have to ask myself what on earth was Mr. Walker thinking? He was in effect begging for people to come and get him. And not only that, he told people where he was, and his fake name Aaron Worthing, and what town he was living in, which is Manassas Virginia. Then he included the phrase “come and get me bitches” and said that if they do, they better realize that he practiced the second amendment at his property. So in effect Mr. Walker was begging extremist Muslims to bring the wrath of Mohammed on his head. He further went on to tell people that if there was any beheading to be done, then that should fall on his head.

So when his employers found out about this they were naturally hesitant to keep this idiot on board at their firm. They believed in compassionate care for all, and did not wish to be associated with an extremist Muslim hater such as Aaron Justin Walker. So in effect they terminated him, and with it, his wife who worked there as a Nursing assistant. So in reality Mr. Walker brought his own downfall upon himself. It was his extremist writings on issues that were, and still are to this day, very hot button topics. And because of that issue Mr. Walker was considered poison. He then started a years long campaign to destroy the person who had found out his identity which was Brett Kimberlin. That campaign is in full swing today. Mr. Walker of course doesn’t allude to the real reasons why he was fired, nor will he answer to these posts or comments he made below. Those comments in Mr. Walker’s mind could not be the real reason he was terminated or why others feared being around him, because that is not his responsibility. You see he never takes responsibility for his own actions. He would rather lie and tell others that someone else was responsible for these actions against him. He would rather not take responsibility for his own life or the actions of that life. That is someone else’s responsibility. He feels that he wants to stand up for freedom of speech, but fails to realize that some speech is just not tolerated very well in our socially connected world.

Funny how he asked other people to submit cartoons using their real names, while Mr. Walker continued to use a fake name while telling everyone that it was a real name. Is that cowardice? I think so. The other part is that he begged for what he got, which was publicity. But when the reality came home to him that what he had been doing was pretty bad and would cause him a number of problems, he instead ran around claiming his life was in danger and he was afraid of people like Brett Kimberlin. And thus the years long crusade to cover up his secrets started. And even now on a number of right wing blogs they are using the familiar kill the messenger tactic to kill his message against Brett Kimberlin. Mr. Walker’s problem is we have every article he ever posted in our files. Not only that, its posted in a number of places on the web. All one has to do to see is just use Google. In my opinion Aaron Justin Walker is a coward by any definition. He also continues to evade responsibility for his own acts, and prefers instead to project that responsibility on others while claiming he is being attacked. Of course that is par for the course. Reality is, his workplace did not feel safe being around a guy who incited others to come and get him. Matter of fact, no one would want to work around someone who begged people to behead him. So if you want the facts, just look at the above to see them. If you want spin, or if you want some donation scam which he is running now, go ahead and donate or listen to the spin and do what you feel is best.



  1. Thanks for this. It helps with the context. Mr. Walker may get his fatwah wish sooner than he thinks if the clerics in Muslim countries relise who this man is. Maybe someone should start an Everyone Out Aaron Walker Day and ask every Muslim blog in every country on earth to blog that Aaron Walker is the publisher of his Mulsim hate blog. Then we would see if anyone would grant his wishes to become fatwah worthy and have Muslims come to Manassas to have a firefight with him. Wow, what a real Kook.

  2. Who’s the kook? The one who drew a picture on a piece of paper, or the ones making death threats over a picture on a piece of paper?

    Objective Reality


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