In a post that has to be seen to be believed, Los Angeles Assistant District Attorney Patrick Frey negotiates with Barrett Brown to have an article penned by Jeff Goldstein at the Protein Wisdom website moved down in the search engines. He tells Barrett Brown that he wishes Anonymous to come to his aid to sort of get rid of the article by Goldstein that was somewhat critical of Frey. Frey then decides to ask Barrett Brown, who at the time was a spokesman for the Anonymous group, for help using Anonymous members that Brown may know to sort of “help” remove this thorn from Frey’s shoe when it came to Goldstein.

The exposure came to a head last night after Robert Stacy McCain had written an article that he thought that Barrett Brown was working with the FBI in trying to take other Anons down in LulzSec. McCain then accused Brown of being complicit in the Lulzsec arrests, when all one would have to do is Google the story where it was announced by LE that Hector Xavier Monsegur aka Sabu had been working with LE for over a year and was responsible for taking a number of Anon members out of the game and not Barrett Brown. McCain, never one to tell any type of truth, goes to town on Brown, who then told McCain he had better call him by Midnight EST or Brown would release information that was critical of McCain’s friend LA DA Frey. McCain decides not to call and the following was released.

After a number of hours passed after the deadline the following video and subsequent pastebin was released.


McCain of course showed his cowardice once again by running away from a problem rather than confronting it head on. McCain quickly jumped in his 2004 broken down KIA to head off unexpectedly to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte NC where I am sure he is not welcome. Speaking of American Conservative values: BU asks what on Gods Green Earth is a hard core right wing extremist doing driving a Korean car? What about a GM car? How about American made products McCain? Help support your country why don’t ya? But I digress.

In this paste below Frey is seen talking to Barrett Brown about his feelings about McCain being a racist, and how Frey, after numerous articles had been posted showing McCain to be a racist, still didn’t want to believe that his friend was in fact a racist, even though it is widely assumed that Frey is a racist himself, and works in Hard Core Gang division in LA County just so he can get his jollies off prosecuting minorities who comprise a segment of the gang community in which he oversees. Below is the paste from Barrett Brown:

LA prosecutor Patrick Frey asked Anonymous for help


February 16th, 2011

  1. Me = Barrett Brown
  2. Patrick = Patrick Frey, LA county prosecutor and conservative blogger Patterico
  3. In this chat, Frey accepts offer by alleged criminal mastermind Barrett Brown to have Anonymous operatives reduce the visibility of a blog post by Jeff Goldstein, a “classical liberal” blogger, academic, and Frey foe who runs Brown agrees to look into the matter. Further conversations may be released as appropriate. As noted, this leak is being conducted in retaliation for Frey’s failure to readily answer questions about a possible connection between Confederate/white nationalist Washington Times editor Robert Stacy McCain and the HBGary criminal organization as well as Frey’s decision to publicly attack an RNC protester who was arrested in possession of a weapon, with the final straw being R.S. McCain’s latest attack on Brown, whom the author and conservative stalwart denounced in public as deserving of FBI attention in 2011 – before later claiming instead that Brown is in fact an FBI informant based on his own misunderstanding of facts known even to many reporters who have covered Anonymous in the last few years. Frey is also the target of legal action due to another incident involving a different activist who is being represented by Jay Leiderman, the “Anonymous lawyer” who has secured pro-bono legal defense for more than a dozen other citizens who have been raided or charged by the feds since late 2010. Journalists interested in further details, as well as the bizarre connection between this and the “SWAT” story from earlier this year, may as always contact Barrett Brown at
  4. Don’t wait. Retaliate.
  5. -Barrett Brown
  6.  Project PM
  7. Patrick: Google Patrick Frey
  8.   One of his bullshit posts is on the first page
  9. 12:41 AM me: I’m assuming it’s transparent BS, though, of the sort that anyone who matters can see through?
  10.   I’ll look though
  11.   meanwhile I’m getting off opiates
  12.   decided to make my old heroin addiction public
  13.   to avoid it being revealed by someone else
  14. 12:42 AM Patrick: No, it’s a link to another post that would take hours to debunk even though it’s utter bullshit
  15.  me: oic
  16.   Well
  17.   That can be changed
  18.   by one of several methods
  19. 12:43 AM Patrick: Oh?
  20.  me: yep
  21.   I’ll have to think a bit about details
  22.   you need to remember
  23.   and this is something I don’t say publicly
  24.   NYT just refers to me as “Barrett Brown,” for instance
  25.   others as “informal spokesman”
  26. 12:44 AM Anonymous has no leaders
  27.   or titles
  28.   but certain people have more influence than others
  29.   now, should note, I’m not talking about anything illegal
  30.   I don’t commit crimes
  31. 12:45 AM off the top of my head, though
  32.   hmmm
  33.   let me Google goldstein real quick
  34.   hmm
  35. 12:46 AM Goldstein has top three results as positive references, plus one referring to someone else with same name
  36.   then Sadly No piece
  37.   which you really should read, by the way
  38.   it can be changed such that top result is an article by mee
  39.  Patrick: Oh, I have read it
  40.  me: on Encyclopedia Dramatica
  41.   detailing everything
  42.   now
  43. 12:47 AM obviously a direct approach would not wokr
  44.   as in, a bargain whereby he deletes or allows you to respond within the post
  45.   he won’t accept that
  46.   most people would
  47.   but most people aren’t already fucked
  48.   in case I’m being cryptic
  49.   I’ll note that on a couple of occasions I have had employers who owed me money
  50.   and refused to pay up
  51. 12:48 AM until such time as I made it such that the top result for their name was an account of their flaws and failures
  52.   oh, you may have seen what I did to my girlfriend’s faggot roommate
  53.   MCCain and Donald Douglas both ran the video
  54.   I took it down after he moved out
  55.   again, though, not likely to work
  56.   but Darleen Click
  57.   she probably wouldn’t like it if I were to reveal
  58. 12:49 AM that she asked me for favors
  59.  Patrick: ?
  60.  me: help getting into Mad Magazine, lol
  61.   I’ve got the e-mails
  62.   understand that I am considered a great villain over there
  63.  Patrick: Oh, for her cartoons?
  64.  me: and she folded like a fucking umbrella as soon as I offered help
  65.   being a person of no real virtue
  66. 12:50 AM yeah, her “cartoons”
  67.   not very talented, regardless of the politics
  68.   ham-fisted
  69.   that’s just something to consider in terms of relevant elements, thoguh
  70.   lemme google you real quick
  71. 12:51 AM I may have to bring some specialists in on this
  72.  Patrick: Hm
  73. 12:53 AM me: sorry, fucking GF bitching at me on IM, just ignoring her now
  74.  Patrick: Fucking GF!
  75.  me: damn right
  76.   oh, Douglas hates you too?
  77. 12:54 AM oh shit
  78.   over McCain!
  79.   okay, dude, we’re gonna get this taken care of
  80.   fucking Douglas
  81.  Patrick: The Donalde?
  82. 12:55 AM me: yeah
  83.  Patrick: Yeah
  84.  me: fucking douche
  85.   disingenuous
  86.   I really respected you for being honest about McCain
  87.   because most are’t
  88.   might hurt the precious cause
  89. 12:56 AM Patrick: I’ve tried to mend fences with McCain. I don’t think he’s necessarily a bad man. I have not retracted and
  90. never will retract my belief that the statement I criticized him for was racist. But I still don’t know that he is A
  91. racist. Full disclosure
  92.  me: I mean, I know you don’t know all of it
  93.   I don’t dislike him
  94.   we talk occasionally
  95.   I talk to most of my enemies
  96.   but, yeah, he has some beliefs that he won’t admit to
  97.  Patrick: Do I fall in that category? 🙂
  98.   I don’t think so
  99. 12:57 AM me: well, he did write that article for American Renaissance
  100.   now, the article itself is not anti-black
  101.  Patrick: Not so sure about that
  102.  me: remember that I’m not a liberal
  103.   I don’t cry racism over nothing
  104.   and I don’t refer to him as racist
  105.  Patrick: I researched his kids and I think it didn’t quite add up
  106.  me: dude
  107.   I’m from Texas
  108.  Patrick: The number of kids he had, that is
  109.  me: wait, what?
  110. 12:58 AM Patrick: The American Renaissance article
  111.  me: no, that was him
  112.  Patrick: The person who wrote it talked about how many kids he had
  113.  me: he hasn’t said otherwise himself
  114.  Patrick: Wasn’t it under a pen name?
  115.  me: yes
  116.   the one he used elsewhere
  117.   I put this in my book, man
  118.  Patrick: I don’t think it’s the same number of kids
  119.  me: it went through fact checkers and lawyers
  120.   well
  121.   how many did they mention in article?
  122. 12:59 AM it appeared in 2002
  123.   some of his kids are young
  124.   and it might have been written earlier
  125.   suffice to say
  126.   that he himself has all but acknowledged it was him
  127.  Patrick: I think I tried to figure out when they were born
  128.  me: I didn’t realize others thought that was under dispute or I would have made the case more plainly
  129.  Patrick: But I forget the details
  130.  me: like I said, we confirmed it
  131.   can’t rememeber how
  132. 1:00 AM but it was good enough for the lawyers and fact-checkers
  133.   anyway
  134.   yeah, the guy is just overly pro-white
  135.   I don’t really care
  136.   I’m not concerned about the extent to which someone is into his racial heritage, etc
  137.   that’s small beer
  138. 1:01 AM it”s just that he also makes accusations of racism
  139.   and so have a lot of his colleagues
  140.   without acknowledging this
  141.   it’s the dishonesty that infuriates me
  142.   anyway
  143.   back to the matter
  144.   assuming this Donald Douglas article isn’t damaging
  145. 1:02 AM I’m assuming that, I mean
  146.   agreed?
  147.   oh, ok
  148.   just noticed that Jeff’s piece is #2
  149. 1:03 AM I see
  150.   pseudo-sarcastic charge of Semitism
  151.   Protein Wisdom specialty
  152.   well, for one thing
  153.   as you’re aware, to the extent that something else pushes it down, it gets… pushed down
  154. 1:04 AM to the extent you break some stories from those e-mails
  155.   that will help
  156.   but
  157.   that’s not enough
  158.   I’d like to see Jeff beaten more severely
  159.   might have to think this over
  160.   talk to my Anons, etc
  161. 1:05 AM there’s always a way
  162. 1:06 AM Patrick: Hm
  163.   As long as any way is legal, I’m all for it
  164.  me: well
  165. 1:07 AM what if it’s legal…
  166.   but
  167.  Patrick: Do I need to hear the rest?
  168.  me: nope
  169.  Patrick: There you go
  170.   It’s legal, you say? Great!
  171.  me: Good man
  172.   Hooray!
  173.   Yeah, we’ll get on this