denies columnist who tweeted in favor of Muslim genocide is a contributor (via Raw Story )

After a gunman went on a shooting spree at the Fort Hood, Texas military base yesterday, a man who identified himself as a “contributing journalist” at Breitbart sent out the following tweet: If there is even one more act of Muslim terrorism, it…

  • Attention is needed elsewhere

    I am really pissed of at this website!
    You all have no issue standing up for Kimberlin, who has yet up to own up to any social media accounts, websites, ****, etcetera. Here is Liberal Grouch (Bill will always be the Liberal Grouch to me) who fights cyber thugs with his identity and did so in part standing up for Kimberlin, and no one here can take can take a minute and publicly defend Liber Grouch at all? Even if it is a parody, sock, an assumed name or a ***£ account? Have you read Liberal Grouch’s blog today? Liberal Grouch wrote for this site under his identity and you guys do nothing for Liberal Grouch in return. The man literally put his life on the line for you all. I am ashamed to have ever supported this site by reading, passing the links along, texting and all the other ways. I don’t care what the name this site is called, one of our own needs us. You should be standing up for him and not posting about this crap. It is crap, Liberal Grouch could use your support.

    • It would be a mistake to assume that we are unaware or uncaring about Mr. Hoge’s continued assaults on Bill’s free speech. This website no longer fights those battles day to day for many reasons, one of which is that it drives Hoge and his friends absolutely bonkers to be denied the interaction with us. Furthermore, just because you do not see us discussing Hoge’s false law enforcement reports about Bill does not mean that we are ignoring them, it simply means that we are keeping that discussion off of our front page.