Like father, like son
Ron Paul Wants Tax-Exempt Status, But Doesn’t Want To Obey The Rules (via

By karoli April 16, 2014 4:30 pm – Comments Ron Paul’s group is being fined for incomplete filings, which are required for them to maintain tax-exempt status. 12 sec ago by Heather up I just love the way conservatives want to have their cake and eat…

  • winsmith

    Regardless, I think Paul is right. The IRS is a criminal organization and needs to go the way of HUAC and the dodo.

    • Let me get this straight. You think the United States should become the first civilization in human history to exist without taxation?

      • winsmith

        Strawman, much? Necause we didn’t have taxes before the IRS, right?

        • Right, I forgot that governments are not supposed to avail themselves of modern administration. “All taxation activity must take place in the most inefficient manner possible — those words are right in the Constitution next to the imaginary section about how cattle ranchers don’t have to pay taxes.