Ayn Rand was a mediocre writer who railed against mediocrity in Atlas Shrugged. I watched the first installment of the onscreen trilogy and was struck by how very mediocre it was, a point echoed by other reviewers. Frankly, I have been afraid to watch the second chapter after early reports described a film that was a step down in production values from a SyFy “original,” and it apparently did even worse at the box office than the first movie. But the conclusion might actually hoodwink a sizable audience on opening night thanks to the combined cameo star power of Ron Paul, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Grover Norquist. Rand’s inbred intellectual children are apparently eager to affect the midterm elections by scheduling this bomb for the weekend of September 11th.

Of course, this is the episode that must include John Galt’s famous 70-page speech. As you can see by the duration of the embedded reading below, this suggests Atlas Shrugged: Part III could potentially clock in at five hours unless it is drastically abridged, and of course the ‘sexiest’ parts will be the first to go. So in a final irony that would probably make her vomit, Rand’s acolytes will effectively Bowdlerize her novel just to keep bored and confused audiences from walking out of theaters.


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Edit: this article has been edited to correct Ron Paul’s name. I apologize for the error.


    The world Rand depicted in ‘Atlas Shrugged’ never existed, and the solutions Rand offered to the problems besetting that nonexistent world have never been demonstrated to work in any world. In essence, she advocated that by stripping government of every trace of humanity, the country would thus be rendered noble and pure. Her only, dubious, achievement lies in helping truly awful people feel better about themselves.

  • brewmaster95060

    progressives mistakenly believe government good and business is evil.
    both are evil but at least business creates value, government creates NOTHING.

    • Middle classes are a creation of government policy. Notice how the middle class has shrunk in our era of austerity?