You Decide: Did Sarah Palin Give A Speech Drunk?


Sarah Palin gave a speech at the Western Conservative Summit last weekend. She only ever speaks to friendly audiences, and the assembled conservatives seemed to enjoy her as usual. But Palin’s normal word-salads and malapropisms were even worse than usual because they were so slurred — as if she had imbibed a few drinks before getting up to speak. Watch the video for yourself: is this her usual rambling nonsense, or was Palin actually drunk up there behind the podium? Share your opinion with our nifty new poll widget!

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  • Nomad

    Nobody can be more unfunny than Sarah Palin.

  • Brandt Hardin

    Since she quit her post in Alaska Palin hasn’t run for public office but still plays the part of politician who calls her constituents “fans.” What exactly does she do other than essentially proposition her self and image to the highest bidder? Sounds like Sarah is America’s highest paid escort! See how down and dirty she’ll get for the money at

    • Leila Kaplan


  • nkiflemar

    She is a pathetic hypocrite! She says Obama is in politics for the money??? hahahaha

    • Leila Kaplan

      She sure is in it for the money. That’s why she quit being Gov. She’s def drunk here. Who is she ??? Nothing and another

  • nkiflemar

    Sister Sarah, you should follow your commandments and stop lying!

  • InDaTruth

    What on earth is she babbling about? Is this her attempt at a poem? Didn’t SHE have a “kill list”?

  • Gaither Pope

    To take part in the poll, I’d have to listen to the speech. I can’t.

  • Gloverboy6

    She’s either drunk or just can’t remember what she was supposed to say

  • Conde_BK

    That’s not drinks. That’s straight up Oxy.

  • Happiness Is A Choice

    She could have been one bullet away from the presidency… Selecting her as a running mate was the death rattle for the McCain presidential bid.

  • Marly Duran

    Did she call Colorado a ‘border state’? And I can’t believe she even mentioned veterans, being republican and that’s the party that sent our troops in and the party that votes against veteran benefits every chance they get.

    • Kathy

      She’s not drunk, she is just sick and tired of the way our government is getting away with murder, and by passing the constitution for personal gain, letting America sink deeper and deeper into hell, making millions of people dependent on the government, I mean does anyone really see what is happening to our country? She is one of a few I still trust and respect, God Bless her! No she isn’t drunk, she’s outraged!

      • Carol Ann Hunigan Booher

        She is drunk and the rest of us are tired of her and the teathugs you support destroying this nation for the rich.. she is one of those rich who is working for the Kochroach brothers…She is a drunk and just this weekend she got into a drunken brawl.. she is an idiot and a drunk

        • brian bark

          Show me where she’s LYING. I didn’t hear a single one. Listen to the speech, listen to the content. YOU are an idiot in denial. FACT: we don’t seem to have money for vets, but support illegals????

      • Carol Ann Hunigan Booher

        if she is so tried why dont she ride off into the sunset and get out of politics. She has stolen enough money to live comfortably from now on.. She has had her 15 minutes of fame and needs to keep her stupid self out of politics. She is making America look bad. She is a drunken fool and so is anyone who supports her

      • erin805

        “…passing the Constitution for personal gain”??? That doesn’t even make sense. BTW: Our US Constitution already “passed” a l o n g time ago. Palin is always outraged; this time she is drunk and outraged.

        • Sixth Nephi

          If you think this is Sarah drunk, you have no experience with drunks. erin805, Kathy meant to type “bypassing” as you mistyped “a l o n g”. Mr. Obama has been bypassing the constitution by bypassing congress with his cell phone and pen.

          • erin805

            I spelled a l o n g time ago out for emphasis. All presidents sign executive orders (especially if they have a “do nothing” Congress). FDR: 3,522 executive orders, Eisenhower: 484, Nixon 346, Clinton 364, Reagan 381, Obama 147 (so far).
            We have all been around people under the influence of alcohol or some other substance; if Sarah isn’t, she is still incoherent and slurring her words, unable to focus, etc. Any traffic officer would give her a sobriety test.

  • Aaron Gallagher

    maybe not drunk but always out of her league.

  • John Pirrone

    OH my GOD! She needs medication!

  • Carol Ann Hunigan Booher

    Skunk stinking drunk!!!

  • Patricia Houghtalen

    She is a totally idiot.

    • Sixth Nephi

      She is a “totally idiot.” And you should know.

      • Patricia Houghtalen

        You are right in this case, I do not usually make this type of mistake, so here is the real version. She is a totally idiot woman who should return to the deep freeze in Alaska and stay there. Thanks for the correction Sixth Nephi , good to see some people do read with eyes wide open even though I am sure we do not see things in the same way.

        • Fabfio Borges

          Heh 6th Nephi are you doing her or u as drunk as SP is?

      • brian bark

        The total idiots are you fools for not absorbing the content of what she said.. ALL TRUE.

  • Debbie Kiesel-Ryan

    She’s a prostitute for the tea party. What do they pay her for, nothing intelligent come out of her mouth. She is the pot calling the kettle black. Just what does she do??????

  • Mark

    Did I hear her call Colorado a border state? Really??

    • ellenest

      Maybe she moved the border to the north end of New Mexico when we weren’t looking.

  • Kim Dunn

    It’s hard to tell. Abject stupidity can mask the symptoms of intoxication.

  • Sevidica Gomez

    Your poll needs another choice: I couldn’t stand to watch enough of it to decide.

  • Pete

    Do people really pay to hear her speak (or rather slur words and thoughts together in a mindless, almost incoherent stream)? If so they ought to be demanding their money back

  • ellenest

    Maybe the real Sarah got locked in a closet and they snuck Tina Fey in to do a skit? I can’t tell them apart when Tina is in Sarah mode. If this were the real Sarah wouldn’t some of her handlers helped her offstage?

  • brian bark

    Well, about 3 min in. Whether she’s drunk or no, she brought up the fact the obama WOULDN’T take time out to visit the border while in TX FUNDRAISING and how we don’t have resources for out veterans but seem to have plenty for whatever illegal trash breaks our laws and crosses our border. I think I can support such thoughts.

  • JQ240

    And to think these were the people you wanted to put into office?

    • brian bark

      You mean someone that thinks we should take care of our vets and not reward illegals for breaking our laws. YES!

      • JQ240

        Illegals have nothing to do with her obvious inability to lead. That’s why she lost. The public is not that stupid. It’s the employers and other enticements that lure, a relatively insignificant amount of people, that actually contribute more than they take out. If your GOP boys were so astute, and actually into needed problem solving, then why didn’t they do it when GW Bush was around? They had eight years, but zilch. They started two unnecessary wars that Cheney and his Haliburton boys profited from. Get your facts straight. There’s a reason why you lose.

        • brian bark

          I am not a fan of Bush or the rinos. Tell me our vets are cared for and we aren’t increasing the perks and support of illegal aliens. Tell me illegal aliens don’t break our laws when they come here. Get YOUR facts straight.

          • JQ240

            Typical, you have you head in the sand. You’re like the dog that barks at rock, instead of at the person that threw it and hit you. Again now, read slowly, for what little reading comprehension you apparently have. “Enticement.” Now, address the issue of illegal immigration, without having to attack a group of people, who if it were in reverse, you’d be doing the same thing, and coming to get those very jobs that people like you refuse to do. Now, once your little brain, absorbs that-I’m not too confident-think of the power structure, as in big agribusiness? If i’m wrong, substantiate your argument and quit barking!

  • Jack4ral

    God gave no Freedoms, the U.S. Constitution did, by We the People, the People’s Government.

  • Mike Vaughan

    Nobody’s bettered themselves thru politics than Palin. And remind me what branch of the service was she in?

  • katherine norton malek

    Does she forget it wasn’t Pres. Obama who sent those soldiers off to war .. it was Bush & Cheney. Pres. Obama has been bringing them home & tied up us the loose end Osama Bin Laden. She’s such a crackpot. I don’t think she’s drunk. I think she’s just naturally high on having a mic & being in the spotlight on a stage.