Video: beefcake moron Dom Raso explains why blind people need moar gunz

If it didn’t exist, some comedian with a dark, twisted sense of humor would have to invent the National Rifle Association. Not content with trying to keep guns in the hands of domestic abusers and giving  “A” ratings to politicians who probably don’t need to have guns themselves, the NRA is seriously defending a new Iowa law that lets blind people carry guns in public. As Bob Cesca warns, these people are completely serious:

The NRA doesn’t care about being perceived as loony or overzealous. Unlike the gun control/safety movement, which measures its rhetoric and waters down its agenda, the NRA is, if nothing else, ballsy. In not accepting compromise while seizing the initiative, the NRA and its people are constantly pushing forward, not content to fight battles on the opposition’s terms. In a twisted way, there’s something admirable about it. They don’t win every fight, but they win more often than they lose, even now when a string of public massacres might’ve otherwise jettisoned the NRA to the wilderness. And mark my words: Iowa wasn’t the first and it won’t be the last state to pass laws allowing the blind to open- or conceal-carry firearms.

That is indeed the plan. The NRA seeks to expand the gun franchise as broadly as possible all the time: many violent felons have an easier time regaining their gun rights than their voting rights, and that is not an accident. By replacing empowerment with firepower, they actively promote the most violent society possible, which insecurity they spin into a reason for…more guns! With bigger bullets! And larger magazines! And even for the blind.

Responsibility for the weaponization of American society doesn’t weigh on the conscience of Wayne LaPierre, but his drive to make sure there’s an assault rifle on every kitchen table has had unintended consequences. The NRA began in 1871 as a marksmanship organization, but has become unconcerned these days with whether people can even shoot straight; high-capacity, and the new ‘freedom’ to stand your ground and spray lead, have rendered aiming moot.

H/t Bob Cesca

Update: surprising no one, the NRA has pulled the video, but third parties are still hosting it.