As his racist and violent rhetoric has finally begun to result in consequences recently, Ted Nugent has become even weirder than usual. He called into Glenn Beck’s show last Friday to defend his racist remarks, then appeared at the Big Horn Basin Tea Party picnic to double-down on eliminationism and repeat his new conspiracy theory.

“They bus in protesters to my concerts — and most of them are so stoned and delirious they are still wearing their American Communist badges,” he said. “I called them unclean vermin … I was accurate.”

Nugent said the left-leaning national media tried to spin the story to discredit him.

“They took my statement, accurately and honestly identifying deceiving protesters paid for by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Huffington Post, and tried saying I said that about my American Indian blood brothers.”

Nugent said there “isn’t a tribe in this country” that hasn’t invited him to their reservation.

His relationship with them dates back more than four decades.

“I am the best friend to our Native Americans,” he said.

Indeed, Nugent has long been a friend of “good Indians” who take him out hunting and fishing in the wilderness, but he’s not in favor of social welfare programs that keep people alive on the reservations. In fact, he actually tends to speak of Democrats who support such programs in the sort of terms usually reserved for mortal enemies in wartime, or members of another tribe during a genocide.

Nugent shared the stage in Wyoming with retired General Paul Vallely, the former Vox News military affairs analyst who came out as a birther in 2011. Vallely shared his own views on the proper role of violence in the political process.

“Obama should be impeached … and his national security team replaced,” he said.

He referred to the president as a “coward” who looks weak in the eyes of foreign leaders.

“(Russian President Vladimir) Putin plays hardball…we have a president who plays whiffleball,” he said.

Vallely said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid would be “strung up against a wall” if he was a senator. “I’d tell him, ‘Harry, you’ve got 24 hours to change, and if you don’t, I’m going to kick the hell out of you,” said Vallely. He immediately corrected himself, saying he wouldn’t condone physical violence. But the point, the current senators need to get tough on Reid.

Wyoming tea partiers reportedly paid $40 for a ticket to this event, proving that the conservative circle of scam is a risk-free industry.