Federal, state, and local law enforcement assembled at the border bridges in Cameron County, Texas Saturday in preparation for a planned protest by something calling itself ‘The American Patriots.’ However, only five demonstrators actually showed up to face the armored car, command center and SWAT team:

“We paid people over-time,” Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio.

When asked about having to deploy all those personnel, Lucio said, “Yes, I hate to waste that kind of money. As law enforcement, you never know what’s going to come up. You use these resources and other resources. We take care of people in the U.S.”

‘Patriot’ websites and message boards lit up with the cancellation in the wee hours of Saturday morning. A story circulated that threats from Mexican cartels were responsible for the cancellation, but it was the second time that ‘border protest’ organizers have tried this exact same excuse to explain a failed protest. This time, they couldn’t convince Ildefonso Ortiz at Breitbart.com to report it credulously.

This is basically what I predicted would happen in last Thursday’s THREATCON. One reason I felt confident enough to make that call was the prominence of a particular name in the news coverage leading up to this weekend: Barbie Rogers, who claimed that 25 border crossings would get shut down across four states.

“It is a peaceful protest, it has nothing to do with the militia, we’re going to pull up 200 feet away from the ports of entry, and they are going to get out of their cars and close the ports down. No traffic will be coming in or out,” explains Barbie Rogers, activist.

That is the same Barbie Rogers whose ‘Patriot Information Hotline’ first started inflating this story back in June — and whose electronic traces from that period have since been scrubbed from the internet, probably in order to conceal the nativism and idiotic fringe stuff. Those are her pictures below; let her name be a watchword for hoax organizing.