“Get your towels ready, it’s about to go down.” Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange attended a re-election fundraiser on board a yacht at Turtle Point Country Club near Florence last Thursday, causing his Democratic opponent Jim Hubbard’s campaign to produce the mash-up web video posted above.

“It’s no wonder Luther Strange has lost control of his office and the war on violent crime,” Hubbard said. “Instead of doing the job the people of Alabama elected him to do, Luther is collecting fat checks from millionaires on a $21.5 million luxury yacht. Luther Strange is obviously more interested in protecting his political career than protecting the people of Alabama.”

The images of Strange actually boarding the yacht are a rejoinder to the conservative PAC that has reportedly been following and recording Hubbard on Strange’s behalf. Strange’s campaign responded by accusing Hubbard of accepting $3 million in campaign cash from the Poarch Creek Indian casino, which Strange has tried and failed to shut down. The charge is also deeply ironic given that many of Strange’s biggest political allies have also received money from the band.

The Turtle Point Country Club is situated on the scenic banks of Lake Wilson on the Tennessee River inside an exclusive gated community that lies across Highway 72 from the town of Killen — which also happens to be the headquarters for the neoconfederate League of the South. Money and votes from western Lauderdale County helped put rabid nativist Mo Brooks in Congress.