Michael Dunn, who shot unarmed black teenager Jordan Davis dead over a dispute about the volume on his car radio and was found guilty last year, has been sentenced to life without parole by Judge Russell Healy. NBC:

Michael Dunn, 47, was convicted of killing Jordan Davis, 17, in November 2012 after he shot into a SUV of four teenagers 10 times when an argument broke out over loud music coming from the teens’ vehicle. Dunn was sentenced to an additional 90 years in prison for three attempted murder convictions and another 15 years for firing into an occupied vehicle.

  • muselet



  • Versinel

    That is really taking things to the extreme. We have loud music once in a blue moon in our area but there is no logical reason you would end up in a gun situation over something this common. What was this idiot thinking?

  • SelenaJ25

    It’s really sad to hear about situations like this occurring, even though this seems to be happening more and more. While I do feel that the sentence this man received is a little extreme, I can see where they may want to set an example to prevent things like this from happening again. I wonder what was going on in Mr. Dunn’s life to make this tragedy happen?

    • Kris jenner

      Your really stupid his sentence is not extreme he took someone’s life for no reason. For loud music if the shoe was on the other foot I wonder would you say something as stupid as that.

      • Maheni

        Talk about being rude and distant towards another human being. Pretty much he got it bad for the killing, and then is penalized for each other life his actions messed up.

        – convicted of first-degree murder (for the child who died as a result of his actions).
        – found guilty on three counts of second-degree attempted murder (the other kids in the vehicle), this ended in a mistrial (see below).
        – his sentencing also includes three convictions of attempted murder (for the other 3) + firing into a vehicle (which is dangerous no matter how you look at it).

    • Briar

      What was going on in that person’s life is something I think about often when I hear about tragedies like this. I wonder if Mr. Dunn would have done something like this had he lived back in the 50s. I wonder about stuff like that because it does seem to be happening more and more that people are completely snapping and senseless killings and violence ensues.

  • Kris jenner

    This low life got the sentence he deserves. George Zimmerman’s day is coming too the clock is ticking no one keeps getting away for long you will always pay for what you do.

  • Cuppycake

    I am glad he got sentenced to life in prison. He got what he deserves. What a petty thing to kill someone over. I hope he is miserable in prison.

  • rocki.m

    Mr. Dunn got what he deserved! It is people like him that have other people screaming about guns and gun safety. We need to make sure that other whacko people don’t get guns. I wish he was placed in confinement, no daylight.