Korey Watkins of the Open Carry Tarrant County Group claims that legislators are not doing enough to protect his group or their rights. He claims in his video that what legislators are doing is treasonous and is punishable by death. He goes on to claim in his video that he is tired of having his rights trampled on. He goes on to say that it’s high time something is done. And those in power need to wake up because something will be done.

I assume that Korey Watkins will be getting a visit soon by DHS, he has already started removing video content from his Facebook page, namely this video. So I assume that this video will soon go down as well. Of course, this is how these cowards operate. They make wild statements, often crossing the line, and then when they get a visit their little balls tend to shrivel up when faced with years in jail over outrageous claims like the one in this video. Making terroristic threats like this can land you in prison for a very long time, and to some degree these half homegrown terror babies will end up causing some kind of trouble down the road if not stopped.

When will they learn? Probably never.