It has come to my attention through twitter that William Ferguson @sub_aetha on twitter is being accused in some right wing lunatic verse that he is or was somehow Crassus on this website. This is 100 percent false. William Ferguson wrote one or two articles for BU long ago as himself, William Ferguson. He has not ever been Crassus, and he will never be Crassus. That is an official statement from BU.

Right wingers in the loony bin should be aware that just because they think something is true, does not then make it true. From what I understand someone we refer to as “the piglet” (pictured below sucking on his baby bottle), is upset because someone didn’t feed him at the appointed time. Well, officially, we can’t be held to account for troll feeding times and so forth, and it’s because we have much better things to do than suckle this small inconsequential piglet and minor right wing troll. Thank you for your kind attention to this matter, and we hope that this statement clears up this important matter.