Stephen K Bannon CEO of has decided to release his godawful documentary “Clinton Cash” for free on YouTube. Its a total turd fest that theaters wouldn’t pick up, so instead of shelving it he decided to put it out on YouTube for free. You can vomit all over it below: has said that its been a blowout smash hit, yet looking at Youtube today it only has 19 thousand views. Not much of a viral blowout at that rate. It has a 15 minute pre-discussion by Bannon which is an utter snoozefest.

Bannon also says this is the directors cut. Usually those are reserved for movies that came out already and a year or two will go by before a directors cut comes out. Instead, Bannon gives us a directors cut as if anyone saw the actual original movie which no one actually has yet. So instead of this being a directors cut, this is just the movie itself being given away for free because no one but looney bin right wingers would pay for it. Matter of fact, I doubt any right wingers would want to pay for this garbage, so Bannon released it for free to save them the trouble of breaking into their change jars to pony up for it.