If Donald Trump was hoping that his performance in the second Presidential Debate Sunday, Oct. 9, would save his decomposing candidacy, he was probably mistaken.

The scowling, pacing candidate loomed angrily, stalker-like behind the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. He interrupted her 18 times, argued with the moderators and basically seemed loud and monstrous.

And he lied. Oh, how he lied.

Trump said that Clinton started the “birther” movement.
Graded “False” by ABC News.

Trump said the U.S. gave Iran $150 billion in one-sided transaction.

Trump says he was against the Iraq War.

Trump says that Clinton is going to raise taxes
Mostly False.

Trump says Clinton doesn’t know if Russia is responsible for recent hacks.

Trump refutes he sent out a series of tweets in which he alleges that former Miss Universe actress Alicia Machado has a “sex tape.”

Trump said he had seen evidence of bombs in the San Bernadino terrorist apartment.

Name the last time a candidate for President of the United States threatened to jail his opponent. Before last night, we mean.

Trump also said he never groped, kissed against her will, or grabbed a woman by her no-no.

There are more tapes. Now, we wait and see.



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Retired from his position as a writer/editor at the National Institutes of Health, Bill Schmalfeldt saw the willingness of a cadre of right wing idiots to destroy the life of an ex-con who had re-entered public life having served his time. He spoke out against this pack of hyenas and paid for it with false attacks on his own reputation and filthy, foul and profane mockery surrounding the death of his wife in 2015. Unbroken, Bill continues to write for Breitbart Unmasked and his private blog, http://theclintoniconoclast.com.
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