You’ve no doubt noticed the number of people holding “BLACKS FOR TRUMP” signs at his recent rallies. One might wonder how there can be such a large number of signs like these at rallies when the most recent poll numbers show 7% support for Donald Trump among African Americans.

The answer might be found in the website advertised by these signs. These mass-produced signs all bear the URL of a website,

Go to that website, you’re met with this landing page.


If you’re using a desktop, here’s what you find when you enter that portal.


OK, there is currently no website connected to the URL — unless you use the Internet Wayback Machine.


What you find is an almost incomprehensible website lauding someone named Maurice Symonette.


The New Times reports:

In the mid-Eighties, he [Symonette] was a budding career criminal with convictions for petty theft and trespassing when he was recruited by Hulon Mitchell Jr., alias Yahweh ben Yahweh, a black supremacist preacher’s son turned cult leader. In 1992, Mitchell, Symonette, and 14 others were charged with conspiracy for their roles in several murders. Symonette was tried for his participation in the grisly decapitation of one Yahweh dissenter, Aston Green, and the attempted killing of another, Eric Burke.

Throughout the trial, Symonette was deferential to Mitchell, and remains so to this day. “You know why I wasn’t scared?” he says of facing those charges. “Because Yahweh wasn’t scared!”

After trying out a career on the stage and getting evicted from a posh home, Symonette now claims to make money refurbishing boats and recruiting people to his cause.


I guess it makes as much sense as Trump calling for drug tests before the next debate.