Aaron Walker, known by some as the most incompetent lawyer in America, thought it was a terrible thing that Brett and Tetyana Kimberlin filed criminal complaints against him. Oh, so irritated was he, that having the charges set aside by the Montgomery County, Maryland, States’ Attorney office wasn’t enough punishment for these impertinent Kimberlins. He filed a malicious prosecution lawsuit against him.

Last week, a Montgomery County judge and jury sent him packing.

They found the Kimberlins had failed to establish three elements in their complaint. Brett Kimberlin should have been more specific when he charged Walker offered his wife “money” during their brief estrangement. They found there was no proof that Walker “sent Kimberlin to the hospital” when Walker snatched Kimberlin’s iPad, thinking it a bomb. In Tetyana’s complaint the judge and jury found that she wasn’t specific enough in her charge of being offered money.

The judge found that there was plenty of probable cause for the Kimberlins’ remaining charges. Therefore, Walker’s complaint was without merit and was dismissed.

Here’s the second half of the video.

Aaron Walker is not happy. Aaron Walker doesn’t like it when people say he’s wrong.

(Is it just me, or does Aaron seem to be a bit, shall we say, “puffier” these days. Water weight?)

The Fat Man Podcast deals with this subject here.

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  • RogerS

    Stalker Walker is the dumbest most incompetent lawyer on earth. Sounds like he is going to lose his bar card over this one.

  • Walker Am A Sooper Loyer

    You gotta wonder how many times Walker watched the KK video of her cleavage. Sick fuck.

  • Walker Am A Sooper Loyer

    The room decorated with fake law books seems appropriate for a terrible lawyer with a fake paralegal.

  • Egad what a kook.