The love affair between MSNBC’s morning conservative, Joe Scarborough and President Donald Trump seems to be over. And it seems as if the former Florida Republican Congressman has taken sides in the struggle between Steve Bannon and the Breitbart Factor, and Reince Preibus, Jared Kushner and the typical Republican sleazeball factor.

Raw Story reports:

“Do you think that Donald Trump has to have Steve Bannon around him to tell him how to win Wisconsin?” Scarborough said.

Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski agreed that Trump, who they’ve known for years, always took his own advice, but panelist Mark Halperin said Bannon was still needed to implement the president’s policies.

“This guy can’t implement making a ham sandwich,” Scarborough said. “What you have said about Steve Bannon actually undercuts Steve Bannon on both counts. First, Bannon’s argument, at least, that he can only make trump be trump, and secondly, that he needs to implement something? This guy botched an (executive order) that screwed his first two weeks of the White House.”

We suppose Coffee Joe may be off the Bannon Christmas Card list.

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