A recent investigation by BU into Ali A. Akbar of The National Bloggers Club has revealed that he had been convicted in 2007 on charges of Credit Card Fraud and Theft 1500.00-20,000.00. It is interesting to note that Mr. Ali Akbar presents himself as a money man or political operative for the right wing conservative movement. Yet, as he blogs or tweets incessantly about the conviction of Brett Kimberlin, he himself has been convicted of Theft of Property and Credit Card Fraud back in 2007 in Fort Worth Texas.

There are also questions concerning a recent query by a number of bloggers who have been asked to contribute to a legal defense fund for Aaron Walker, a blogger who has been in a long court battle with Brett Kimberlin, that the donation page at Rally.org has been asking for extremely personal information from bloggers who have been asked to donate to this fund.

The questions have been ongoing on a number of blogs recently about why people are asked to give such detailed personal information to Ali and this defense fund that was set up to fund Aaron Walker who has already accepted free pro-bono legal help from a number of high end attorney’s who have taken up his legal case.

The question I have is: why are people asked to continue to donate to this legal fund when Mr Walker already has free legal representation? The questions that bloggers are asking is: why give up such detailed personal information to Ali Akbar for this cause? Well that is a fair question, and now seeing as how Mr. Akbar, a Convicted Felon who had been convicted of Felony Theft in the amount of 1500.00 – 20,000.00 as well as Credit Card Fraud/Debit Card Abuse, means that these are very interesting questions indeed.

Another blogger who goes by the handle Liberal Grouch has been blogging about Ali Akbar’s National Bloggers Club 501-c3 status on his blog and questioning Ali a number of times to prove he actually has been exempted by the IRS and given full 501-C3 status so he can ask for money while giving people a tax deduction for it. So far his numerous requests have fallen on deaf ears by Ali and his National Bloggers Club organization. I think it is quite revealing here to see that Mr. Akbar is supported by so many right wing conservative bloggers; who may or may not know about his criminal past or his numerous felony convictions. I would hazard a guess that if the conservatives in the right wing did not know of his past that these revelations would be very interesting to them. If they did know, they have certainly been covering it up while throwing stones at Brett Kimberlin for his past convictions, and at the same time trying to paint Brett Kimberlin in a negative “once a criminal, always a criminal” stereotype.

I would say that there are a number of issues and questions that surround Mr. Ali Akbar and his past, which no one on the right seems to question. We here at BU however will question it, and question why Mr. Ali Akbar, a Convicted Felon, is allowed in the halls of power in Washington D.C. Not only that, but hanging around billionaires like Foster Friess who seeded The National Bloggers Club with start up money, while at the same time going around inciting right wing bloggers around the nation to attack a man who had charges 34 years ago and did his time and moved on. Granted those charges were serious in nature, but then today serious charges such as theft, credit card fraud and the like are also very serious, and do in fact tend to follow you around for life. Thieves, especially credit card thieves, are looked down upon by society, and usually never trusted around money or property or anything else. And if you follow the right wing philosophy that once a criminal, always a criminal, you can easily see that anything that Mr. Akbar might be involved in which deals with money or raising money or being around someone else’s property might make someone very nervous.

There is of course more to come in this developing story, for now, these are the facts laid out above.



Ali is preparing a statement(spin)and will release it shortly, but I have just seen a tweet from him that may show how he is going to spin it.

So he says this was about a 3 month drunk binge. OK, so he is claiming that this was some one time event based on drinking too much. OK, I can buy it. I know a number of people that have had problems with alcoholism who have done some pretty dreadful things while drunk or high or stoned or while inebriated. However, and let me make this a bit more clear: the case above was dated on 08/18/2007 on the booking date for the crimes committed which was burglary and the credit card fraud. But what about this:

That case above was 8 full months prior where he had a Theft 1500.00-20,000.00 case. So again, this is just more spin from Ali. It wasn’t because of a 3 month drunk binge, rather this was a pattern of criminal activity that extended almost a year. So this was a case of a guy who ripped someone off for anywhere between 1500.00 to 20,000.00 dollars, and then a full 8 months later went out again and committed newer crimes, which was burglary and credit card fraud. So while out on the first case, he continued a pattern of criminal activity that extended 8 months later where he was arrested yet again on newer charges. Sorry Ali, but that 3 month drunk binge was not entirely accurate now was it? Please Ali, tell the TRUTH for once in your life. Don’t lie and cover it up. You were a convicted felon who went out and committed new crimes while out on older crimes. This wasn’t just a youthful indiscretion based upon being stoned or on drugs or high on beer or whiskey bottles, this was a pattern of serious criminal activity. You may have plead it down to 2 cases in the end and they dropped the third, but you were still charged with multiple felonies spanning over a long period of time, and while you got out on a deferred adjudication in the end that allowed you to “VOTE” as you say, you were still charged with serious criminal cases prior. So you were a youthful criminal who profited off of your crimes while others suffered before you got to plead it out and move on.

The Conservatives of course will forgive you and all of that, but do you have forgiveness in your heart and soul for others who have faced similar battles in their lives?? NOPE. You could care less about them. Well, sorry, I’m not going to buy that soap you are selling that you have changed, because a real man who has battled addictions and or demons knows in his heart how to forgive others for the same demons. That is a changed man to me. But you? You have none of that in your heart. So I have zero sympathy for you. Your best bet is to resign for the good of your organization, else bloggers and other journalists will probably dog you with these serious criminal charges forever. You know, like you dog other people for their sins. As Jesus once said:

“Let them without sin cast the first stone.”


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20 thoughts on “National Bloggers Club Founder Ali Akbar: Convicted Felon”
  1. When I went to the FBI yesterday, they hinted that Ali was a felony fraudster and that they have been monitoring his every move. I am going to ask Foster how he can associate himself with a convicted felon, giving him money to attack other felons. Wow, that is a whopper. I will tell you that Ali never mentioned to Foster that he was a felon. Keep digging– there is a lot more stuff that is going to come out about Ali. I don”t think there is any question that he is a con man. And for all those people who donated to his defense funds, demand you money back, get Fraud Alerts on the credit card you used, and insist that all digital records of your personal and financial information be removed from his database. I am going to call the FBI agent back and make sure that she is monitoring the income and outlays of the defense fund. I have a strong feeling that Ali is going to be charged with wire fraud over this.

  2. Wow. I can’t wait to see what the other young-uns who are on the Board of Directors are convicted of. What an interesting hypocrisy. They’ll blame everything on a man who committed a very reckless, youthful crime 30+ years ago and has been released from parole etc. because he has been compliant.

    Is Akbar still on probation or parole? I am curious. His crime was only 4 or 5 years ago, he has no office-job experience in his past, and the same holds true for his classmates… er… I mean, other nonprofit principals.

    People who perform identity theft are not working with any idealist views. Sure, they have their ideal targets – but they’ll steal money from ANYBODY who is naive and trusting enough to be victims.

    This is going to be quite embarrassing to the CPAC and the Breitbart staff — they’ve employed somebody who is ruthless and likes to steal money to buy things. (Sounds like he has an excellent prospect for a career in politics… Except, he’s been caught already!!!!! And he isn’t quite rich yet, so he can’t buy his way out of it… Unless, of course, the tea party fans he caters to make a decision to ignore anything that’s been revealed. I hope some of them are here, snooping and reading right now, wondering if they have been scammed. )

  3. I have demanded that the FBI do a complete investigation on this operation. I never understood why Ali was running a defense fund on his site. And now I know — he was harvesting the credit card and identity information so he could use or steal it or sell it. Man, Ali, you are worse than I thought when you pissed me off. Let’s see, wire fraud, mail fraud, identity theft, RICO, Hobbs Act, obstruction of justice, — they keep adding up. BTW, I just called the FBI and she said that every transaction is considered a separate federal charge, so let’s count how many people donated to Ali’s scam operation. I am going to call Foster now and see what he says about all of this. Maybe he will wrap his arms around you and say, “oh, we’ll protect you, you poor little fraudster.” But more than likely, he will issue a statement and pull all funding from your scam. Either that or this will be the NYT headline: “FOSTER FRIESS HIRES CONVICTED FELON FRAUDSTER TO ATTACK DEMOCRATS!”

  4. The National Bloggers Club is based out of a residential house.

    That reminds me of Convicted Bomber Brett Kimberlin’s “Justice Through Music Project” being based out of his mother’s house in Bethesda, Maryland.

    You know what they say about bloggers in their mother’s basements…

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  5. If any of you are really interested in the truth then you would know that Seth Allen is the real victim. He has been used by both sides. He was the first to figure out that Ali was scamming people. He knew they were running a scam. Now these suckaz are are donating to team Breitbart and their hoax. They never gave Allen a cent. They never offered him legal help. He was onto all of these scams, including the team numbnuts and Kimberlin for years. If you really want the truth about it all, Allen has everything. I bet if Kimberlin apologized to him and offered him some sort of settlement, Allen would turn all of the hoaxsters into you guys. He has all of their emails. Kimberlin has to publicly apologize first and provide a settlement and then blam!

    1. Seth Allen admitted to living on a $200/month trust fund allotment and, by implication, that he is on social security. His various obsessions and odd affect would seem to indicate that the nature of the disability is psychiatric rather than physical. His court room demeanor also reinforces this conclusion – it takes some work to get arrested in a hearing, but Seth did this promptly.

      Persons who are unwell in this fashion often do serve as organizers and keepers of records, but I would be *very* skeptical of an in-depth analysis from such a source without agreement from others.

      And we should never, ever forget that Seth’s claim to fame is that he runs the busiest chemtrails site on the internet, All Aircraft Are Not Involved. The odd construction of the domain name also puzzles me – why not name it Not All Aircraft Are Involved? It’s just … odd.

  6. The status on this first case is ‘deferred’. He got caught, young/first offense, and the trouble is shelved. If he keeps his nose clean then it’s not a problem in the future. The timeline isn’t clear though – did he get in further trouble after the deferred judgment? If that’s the case he may well be convicted and thusly lying about his being able to vote.

    In other news, I see an image of Ali in a suit, standing in a hotel room, and it’s been posted to some gay hook up site. I know there is something called Grindr but I have never bothered to create a profile to see what it’s like. Is someone running this down?

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