I note the disclaimer about Right Solutions and The Bloggers Defense Team which claim they are not affiliated with any other club or organization unless they specify it on their website. Well many in this scene already know that the National Bloggers Club was the initial point of contact for Aaron Walker who went to bat for Walker in raising money for his defense against Brett Kimberlin who had filed a restraining order against Walker, which then resulted in a massive backlash against Kimberlin brought on by extremist right wing conservatives. Soon after, it was discovered that Ali Akbar who ran the National Bloggers Club was a convicted felon and had a number of issues while trying to use Walker’s case to raise money for the cause of free speech and all that hogwash. So after numerous calls for Akbar to step down or step aside, Dan Backer from DB Capitol Strategies stepped in with his clean hands to run the show for raising funds and showing the donors that a new Sheriff was in town, and he had clean hands and could be trusted with “other people’s money.”

But are those hands actually clean? Are they clean from Ali Akbar and The National Bloggers Club?


What this shows above is that Dan Backer, the guy representing Aaron Walker in his numerous lawsuits against Brett Kimberlin who is also the head of the Bloggers Defense Team, actually had prior professional contact with Ali Akbar and his Vice and Victory organization during which time Ali Akbar was on probation in Texas for numerous counts of Credit Card Fraud and Burglary as reported by BU. As a matter of fact, Dan Backer paid Ali Akbar from a loan of 35,000.00 dollars that was given to the Conservative Action Fund by Shaun McCutcheon  of which Ali Akbar was the prime beneficiary of at least 15,800.00 of that loan for web, technology and marketing consulting. So Dan Backer has long been associated with Ali Akbar, and the clean hands appear to be not so clean after all. It appears that this connection to Akbar was in the form of a prior business relationship while Mr. Akbar was on probation, and it appears that Dan Backer had zero problems funding Mr. Akbar through those loans given to the Conservative Action Fund.

Seems like this is one of those slight of hand tricks magicians play on people: now you see Mr. Akbar, now you don’t. Except we see him with his hands still buried deep into the suckers pockets.


There is a sucker born every minute they say, and after seeing this I am really believing that is true.


2 thoughts on “Dan Backer: DBCapitol Strategies & Ali Akbar Connection”
  1. Nice to see you back. I have been following the Ali story on other sites lately. Gee whiz, this guy is a real sleazebag. Now it looks like he has a crook for a lawyer by the name of Dan Backer. What is the deal with these tea bag lawyers? They think they can just rip people off and lie while hiding behind astroturf papers. Glad to see that BU is on them like flies on the shit they are. By the time you are done with these slime balls, they will all be wearing leg irons. Keep up the good work and don’t stay away for so long next time.

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