I still get a weird feeling when I hear Brandon Darby speak. So I thought to post his appearance on Hannity Thursday night and couple that with the video that Matt Osborne made on Darby and the rash of Swattings that have been plaguing numerous people in the last year.  If you listen to Brandon Darby on Hannity, then listen to the video below it you get a feeling that something is amiss here. Just my opinion though… Also Karoli has a great story behind Darby’s appearance on Hannity which you can read here.

  • @OccupyRebellion

    Occupy is getting such great press for weeks now. Even Bloomberg of all people and the NYPD have thanked Occupy for their help in fighting crime and helping during Hurricane Sandy. But here are the Breitbart trash so outraged that occupiers are helping people who lost their homes in a hurricane.

    While they’ve been sitting on their ass complaining about occupiers, occupiers have been the ones feeding people who just lost everything. I PRAY for the day when EVERY piece of Breitbart trash loses their pisshole they call a home in a horrific natural disaster.

    And there’s Bannon with Darby. He runs the company now. Where is all the money? Why does Breitbart’s widow have to sell her home now? Why does Breitbart’s kids have to lose their home now? Where is all the money? They’ve lived in that house for over a decade and the kids were raised there. Why does the widow of a wealthy man have to sell her home? Where did all the money go that has been stolen from her? Where did all the money go that was raised for Breitbart’s kids after he died?

    If the kids are in a traditional school, she wouldn’t be uprooting the kids in the middle of a school year. They’re moving because they have to. I’ve been told many stories that money has been hidden from her and she’s been asking where it all went. Hidden by these people, not by Breitbart.

    Where are all of Breitbart’s wealthy political connections? Why aren’t they helping his wife & kids by loaning her the money until everything financially is all settled so she won’t have to lose her home?

    Breitbart got $10 million months before he died. He also didn’t have any ads on his site. There are now after he died. He was also known to not pay his writers, like the Huffington Post.

    Where did all the money go? Why does his wife & kids have to lose their home? Did she want to move or is she forced to sell so she can have enough money to feed the kids?