Message to Ali Akbar, convicted felon; just saw your tweet about being back and ready for #war: we never left, you took a powder while we continued to work. Good you got some rest and glad you had a nice vacation. Try and remember that rest because you wont be getting anymore of it ūüôā



You are doing 10.000 flyers at CPAC2013? That’s odd, we are doing 20,000 flyers of the above image at CPAC2013 with VIP access lol.. Oh and of course the airports, hotels around D.C. and various other locations such as going door to door delivering door hangers, and going to various influential restaurants and so on and so on.. Been thinking about mailers too, but was quoted about .16 cents per mailer and thought you weren’t really worth it.. But I don’t know, maybe others will be inclined to do them. We shall see. Hope you enjoy CPAC2013… We sure will.

Oh and one last thing; can you explain your back end relationship with Shaun McCutcheon? We were very interested in that money he paid you while you were on probation for fraud, theft and burglary in Texas. How about some answers for us on your prior relationship with McCutcheon and Dan Backer? How come you got paid the lions share of the 35,000.00 dollar loan to Conservative Action Fund which had as its treasurer Dan Backer who took a small fee from the money while paying you the larger share of it? New York Times anyone? Bueller…. Bueller…. Anyone…. Anyone?

Think it is just some small time case no one is going to pay attention to Mr. Akbar? Think again.. In the mean time while you waste time and effort getting drunk at BlogBash and having your sausage fest with the college republicans who want to suck your toes, we will be continuing our investigation into your past activities relating to this very important case before the Supreme Court. Have fun at BlogBash Mr. Akbar. Remember this Akbar; while you play we work, while you sleep we are awake busy at our desks doing our jobs 24 hours a day 7 days a week reporting on the interesting news of the day.