The Texas Public Policy Foundation has recently come on board to support convicted felon Ali Akbar’s BlogBash get together through their Right On Crime project. I thought it was interesting to note their support for Mr. Akbar, and so I decide to start checking them out to see what they are about.

RightonCrime Tweeting Support For Blogbash
RightonCrime Tweeting Support For Blogbash

The Texas Public Policy Foundation lists as its Chairman Dr. Jim Leininger who also runs several interlocking companies and organizations, one of which is Kinetic Concepts.


Texas Public Policy Foundation Executive Grid List
Texas Public Policy Foundation Executive Grid List


Another organization is the Covenant Foundation which has some 50 million dollars in cash to dole out to various organizations seeking grants, all of which seem to be extremist religious organizations. One such organization which receives a huge amount of the foundations money is The Patrick Henry College which lists itself as:

A private, independent college with an Evangelical Christian basis that focuses on teaching classical liberal arts and government, located in Purcellville, Virginia, United States. Patrick Henry is known for its conservative evangelical Christian focus. As of April 17, 2007, the college was accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, a national faith-related accrediting organization recognized by the Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

It also has some strange teachings going on. A student has to commit to their values; one of which is that students must sign a Statement of Faith which says:

All students must sign a “Statement of Faith” before they arrive, affirming belief in what the college considers core Christian doctrines. For example, students are asked to acknowledge “Satan exists as a personal, malevolent being who acts as tempter and accuser, for whom Hell, the place of eternal punishment, was prepared, where all who die outside of Christ shall be confined in conscious torment for eternity”, and “Christ’s death provides substitutionary atonement for our sins.” The college professes non-denominational Christian beliefs.


Teachers also have to get in on the act as well:

Teaching faculty must also sign the “Statement of Faith”, plus a more detailed “Statement of Biblical Worldview”, which represents the college’s requirements for what should be taught. For example the Biblical Worldview Applications states that, “Any biology, Bible, or other courses at PHC dealing with creation will teach creation from the understanding of Scripture that God’s creative work, as described in Genesis 1:1–31, was completed in six twenty-four-hour days.”

The college also asserts that as far as free speech is concerned:

“Tolerance cannot coexist with liberty” because “the crowd of tolerance wants to ban speech.

The college has also been heavily criticized over its extreme conservatism:

Patrick Henry College has been criticized for what some see as extreme conservatism and evangelical Christian ethos, including creationism, by many newspapers such as the New Zealand Herald and New Scientist. The school has also been criticized for an alleged Republican bias. Janet Ashcroft, wife of John Ashcroft, serves on the Board of Trustees. This has prompted the British newspaper The Independent to dub Patrick Henry College “The Bible College That Leads to the White House.” The German newspaper Die Zeit criticised the college of influencing the niches with their own values and undercutting the society.

The Texas Public Policy Foundation also lists as its Vice President for Communications one Josh Trevino who was recently ensnared in controversy over funding by the Malaysian government to Mr. Trevino to write stories critical of the Malay governments political opponents.

In January 2013, Treviño filed a report under the Foreign Agent Registration Act disclosing that, from May 2008 until April 2011, he was paid $389,000 by the “Government of Malaysia, its ruling party, or interests closely aligned with either”. His work was to organize an opinion campaign against former Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. Treviño in turn made payments of up to $36,000 to several conservative American opinion writers who went on to write pro-government pieces on behalf of Malaysia, including Ben Domenech, Rachel Ehrenfeld, Seth Mandel, and Brad Jackson. Outlets in which their work appeared included the Huffington Post, the San Francisco Examiner, the Washington Times, National Review, and Treviño, while still employed with The Guardian, had falsely told Politico that he was “never on any Malaysian entity’s payroll.”

On a side note I have find it a strange coincidence that Josh Trevino became embroiled in another controversy, which was the Brett Kimberlin swatting narrative that he along with co-founder of RedState Erick Erickson talked up in 2012. Erick Erickson claimed that the police were called to his home one day last year while he was penning an article on Brett Kimberlin. He then went on CNN and helped spread the narrative that Mr. Kimberlin was somehow involved in it because of his coming article on Mr. Kimberlin which was another fantasy that his good friend John Patrick Frey had written about months prior.


Some have surmised that this was a clear political hit job on Mr. Kimberlin, and also some have surmised that there was serious money behind taking Mr. Kimberlin out of politics by attacking him and trying to ruin his donor base by making up false accusations about him being involved in a series of criminal acts on conservatives so that liberal donors would be afraid to donate money to his nonprofits.

Was that money coming from The Texas Public Policy Foundation or one of its religious affiliates?

Some of the religious affiliates that Mr. Leininger also supports is the Focus On The Family organization which had also been getting money from the Covenant Foundation. Focus On The Family had been a serious supporter of Saxby Chambliss in his 2008 senatorial campaign:

Focus on the Family Action supported Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) in his successful December 2, 2008, runoff election win. The organization, according to the Colorado Independent, donated $35,310 in radio ads to the Chambliss runoff campaign effort. As the Independent reports, the Focus-sponsored ads were aired in about a dozen Georgia markets. The commercials were produced in the weeks after Focus laid off 202 employees — some 20 percent of its workforce — because of the national economic crisis.

Senator Chambliss was also the go to man when it came to pushing the Brett Kimberlin swatting conservatives narrative in the national media.


He was also supported in this narrative by Erick Erickson’s Redstate’s website. The strange issue in this religious narrative is that most of the issues surrounding the media campaign against Brett Kimberlin have mostly been about him being an un-repentive bomber. Many of the social media campaigns have sought to highlight the connotation that somehow Mr. Kimberlin has not repented for his so called past sins which has led me to believe that there is also some sort of religious campaign behind this narrative. This leads one to wonder if there is an actual religious connection to all of these narratives on Mr. Kimberlin? If that is true, did money for this operation come from affiliates of James Leininger or his Texas Public Policy Foundation?

What I also find interesting in all of this is their rampant support for the people behind the organization of Blogbash was a creation of convicted felon Ali Akbar who also has his own religious narrative. He claims that he has found religion and professes this quality about himself to anyone who will listen. This is supposed to somehow forgive him of his past sins, and quite frankly the religious right has indeed forgiven him for his felonious conduct in the recent past which included stealing peoples personal belongings, and then burglary of a vehicle to obtain a credit card that wasn’t his whereby he then went out and took money out of the ATM machine to further his low rent criminal activities.

Ali Akbar Mugshot
Ali Akbar Mugshot

Another organizer behind BlogBash is the infamous Jeff Dunetz who has in the past been affiliated with numerous pornography accusations:

Jeff Dunetz BlogBash Organizer
Jeff Dunetz BlogBash Organizer

Jeff Dunetz aka Sammy Benoit aka YidWithLid has been accused of numerous issues with women, in that he allegedly hires hookers to come to his home so he could partake of their services and then review them online. In one video that is most definitely not safe for work Jeff Dunetz is seen(NSFW) masturbating for women (NSFW). In all when one reads the numerous links to Jeff Dunetz and his obsession with pornography and various sexual deviant escapades one wonders how he could even be affiliated with anyone or anything outside of porn? Yet he is considered the “blogger outreach coordinator” for BlogBash. He is also a very close friend of Mr. Akbar who has defended him numerous times to no avail and also a writer for and

Another pornographer that is being celebrated at this years BlogBash is Lee Stranahan. Lee is another pornographer who specializes in what Lee refers to as BDSM which stands for Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism. Lee has often avoided the controversy of his sexual fetish photography and has at times tried to tell people that is and is not what he has done in the past. As of yesterday Lee has reopened one of his pornography websites called in an effort to own what other people have been saying about him for quite some time.

leestranahan (1)


Lee has had a rich history of raising money on the internet and then not delivering on what he was supposed to deliver. He also creates plenty of drama online just so he can further his money raising schemes. There is so much bad history of Mr. Stranahan on the internet, including numerous articles on BU, I won’t go into it all here. If you have questions about Mr. Stranahan all one has to do is hit the search button on BU or go to for further information.

I wonder just how much support the Texas Public Policy Foundation really has for this organization of pimps johns pornographers and convicted felons? It does go completely against the grain of Mr Leininger to support such people, yet there it is in all its glory. So if this support is total, then it stands to reason that the Texas Public Policy Foundation actually agrees with supporting such individuals. If they do in fact support them then what does that mean for them down the road when it concerns their vetting of organizations asking them for support or grants to keep them going? It also stands to reason that if the Texas Public Policy Foundation is supporting this organization then they have a very sullied reputation and should be avoided at all costs. In our opinion Dr. James Leininger should be notified of the activities of these individuals and should repudiate them in total for what they are involved in and what they represent. This can only hurt his organizations in the long run, and as numerous organizations may be contacted concerning this article and the people behind BlogBash, those who do will be asking the question of just how much do they actually want to be involved in getting money from Dr. Leininger and his Texas Public Policy Foundation, as well as all the other organizations he is affiliated with up to and including the Covenant Foundation? In my opinion they should be truly ashamed of supporting such individuals and the organizations behind them. Some of those organizations that Dr. Leininger supports are listed below:

Grant recipient (recipient location) – grant amount

We urge anyone who is concerned about Blogbash or the individuals connected to them that they reach out to the organizations listed above and let them know that they do not condone such individuals or what they represent. It is only through exposing such villainy that organizations can remain clean from corruption, pornography, and others who are of ill repute.

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  1. Tired, got to Nashville after a long day on the road but closer to DC. Got some interesting info about Ali today. Have meetings set up for Wednesday. Glad to see you digging into Ali. He gives Texas a bad reputation. Can’t wait to wrap him up in a tidy little package and hold him accountable.

    The Ides of March is near. Bill warned them that the curse has been cast, and it has.

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