Erik Rush immediately reacted to yesterday’s horrific bombing in Boston by calling for the deaths of 1.6 billion Muslims. This was by no means his first time saying something outrageous, it is simply the first time he has drawn so much negative attention. Right Wing Watch, which has been monitoring Mr. Rush for some time now, has a number of items that drew our interest last night while researching him.

Erik Rush is a conspiracy nut. He has endorsed Glenn Beck’s ridiculous crusade against Common Core educational standards, calls marriage equality an “anti-theistic, Christophobic design of the Radical Left,” claims that President Obama  will cancel the 2016 elections to become a dictator, and says the president must be removed by “force of arms.” And all of that is just since the beginning of March.

What do you do with someone who actually believes that President Obama is about to classify all Christians as mentally ill and who calls for the United States to annex Mexico? If you are World Net Daily, the website that gave birthers their greatest platform, you make him a columnist so he can call for mainstream journalists to be prosecuted for “collusion” with the “dictator.” If you are Fox News, you put him in front of a camera and ask viewers to take him seriously.

If you are an actual news organization, however, you call him a cretinous reactionary and condemn his eliminationism. We hope that’s what everyone will do today.


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