We spent the weekend laughing at Fox host Anna Kooiman after she reported a satirical, fake news story as if it was real. The Fox & Friends Saturday team are conditioned to believe anything anyone says about President Obama, and so is their audience. Fox has been caught reporting satire as hard news more than once over the years, and we suggest this should be understood as the norm instead of the exception. After so many years of false reports about Obama’s supposed Muslim sympathies, the Benghazi “scandal,” and Michele Bachmann’s McCarthy-like crusade against Huma Abedin, why would we be surprised to see this happen on Fox?


Now take the credulous tone and eager spin of this broadcast and compare it to certain blogs we have noted publishing defamatory stories about Brett Kimberlin. R.S. McCain and Mandy Nagy are either incapable of seeing, or unwilling to see, that their “research” comes from sources that should not be taken seriously by a reputable journalist. Seth Allen, Jennifer Emick, and Michelle @ZAPEM are practically parodies of themselves, and anyone who relies on them as sources assumes the same risk of adopting a satirical news story as fact. Fox has at least said they will correct their story this Saturday, but we are not holding our breath for the Breitbots to correct themselves anywhere on anything. Their form of “journalism” is less professional or truthful than Fox News, and that is sad.


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