We have not stopped laughing since we heard the news that Breitbart.com will become the new home of Senator Rand Paul’s unoriginal column after he voluntarily concluded his arrangement with the Washington Times. This is gut-busting unintentional humor:

“We are pleased to add Senator Paul to our lineup of fearless, original thought leaders,” said Breitbart News CEO Larry Solov. “Most of all, we think the fighting spirit he has become known for is a perfect fit for Breitbart News Network and reflects that of our founder, Andrew Breitbart.”

This seems like a good time to remind everyone that Senator Paul is not merely a plagiarist, but also a fraud masquerading as a libertarian. He got upset at the American Board of Ophthalmology for requiring recertification, so he created his own front group that was not recognized by the industry in order to certify himself. It was a petulant act, much like his grudging admissions, deletions, and whining to be “left the hell alone” by all these journalists who take plagiarism seriously. Senator Paul wails that he might as well go back to being a doctor, but we doubt he will be board certified if he does.

Is there hope for a comeback by 2016? We say that Paul is a perfect fit for Breitbart “news,” where originality is Mandy Nagy cribbing her Brett Kimberlin hysterics from Seth Allen, or Lee Stranahan editing the Shirley Sherrod video for Andrew Breitbart. The combination of Breitbart.com and Rand Paul may create an interesting dynamic, with Paul appealing to the fringe right while Chris Christie plays the pragmatic savior of the party. But we think it is fairly impossible for Rand Paul to come back and be taken as seriously now by mainstream journalists, and we have our doubts about the future of Breitbart.com, too.