We have been puzzling over this find since last week. On February 20th, 2013, Bill Schmalfeldt was reporting death threats that he received on Twitter while Lee Stranahan and @kimberlinunmask pretended that he was sending the threats to himself. Then Stranahan tried to hold a Google Hangout with Lynn Thomas and Dustyn Hughes, aka @MonitorAccess. Here is a screenshot:


What did Stranahan want to talk to them about? Remember, Stranahan was the Breitbart.com blogger who started Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin. Looking over Hughes’s electronic trail, he seems almost monomaniacal about Mr. Kimberlin, leaving comments in every right wing blog post that mentions him. He has also tweeted about Kimberlin quite a bit, and his two Facebook profiles are little more than anti-Kimberlin propaganda streams. Lynn Thomas was outed last week as the creator of the kimberlinunmasked Blogspot domain. So in all likelihood, Stranahan wanted to “hang out” and discuss matters that, in their minds at least, were related to their smearing and defamation efforts against Mr. Kimberlin. For example, they may have intended to talk about their ongoing campaign to defame and harass Bill Schmalfeldt, who only met Kimberlin for the first time eight days later. Or they may have wanted to discuss the KU account and who would operate it.

While we can only make educated guesses at this time, both Stranahan and Thomas are defendants in Kimberlin’s RICO lawsuit, which looks stronger with every new link we expose between defendants.

11 thoughts on “Why Did Lee Stranahan Hold A Google Hangout With Lynn Thomas?”
  1. I love the articles for its comedic value, they are definitely funny! You should be a writer for Hollywood comedies. You can’t make this stuff up!

  2. Well, here we go again. I assume that this case will get well past the discovery stage and Kimberlin will get to discover the reason behind that hangout.

    From a lawyer’s perspective, it appears that the defendants in the RICO case have gone to great lengths to hide what they were doing. This will not look good to either a judge or a jury.

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