A gaping hole has formed in the right wing blogosphere, and we expect it to grow until all traces of the “Google bombing” of Brett Kimberlin’s name get erased from the internet on the orders of judges.

As our correspondent Bill Schmalfeldt reported yesterday, the American Spectator has scrubbed Robert Stacy McCain’s articles about Mr. Kimberlin from their website. The kimberlinunmasked website already disappeared three weeks ago, and there will be further deletions of content as Kimberlin’s lawsuits proceed.

We expect defendants will scream at the pain of separation from their beloved libels as they are ripped away and flushed down the internet’s memory hole. For some of them, this will be a simple matter of removing all posts tagged or categorized with Kimberlin’s name, but for Aaron Walker it may well mean the removal of his entire blog. Every last post on his Blogspot domain includes boilerplate text about Kimberlin, as if he wanted to ensure the legal consequences would be as severe as possible. Given Walker’s history of creating persecution narratives to feed his martyr complex, that is not an entirely unreasonable explanation. No matter what possessed him to make his Kimberlin- related obsessions inextricable from his George Zimmerman apologetics, however, Walker has no one but himself to blame if a judge decides to untie his Gordian knot with a legal sword.

Climb on crosses as they might, defendants’ protests will ring a little hollow now that the American Spectator has proven sane publishers want nothing to do with this story anymore. The heady days of “Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin,” when SWAT calls had the attention of Capitol Hill and defendants were enabled by an enormous echo chamber of right wing blogs, are far behind us now. There is no longer any real possibility that any publication or media organization of any consequence will ever give their stories an uncritical platform ever again. The echo chamber has moved on; nobody cares about Brett Kimberlin anymore except the defendants, and nobody cares about them except Mr. Kimberlin.

We will not be deleting our stories about the defendants, but we look forward to the day that we no longer need to blog about them anymore. We want their names to fade from the tag cloud in the sidebar. Let them disappear into that hole along with their blog posts. That great sucking sound? It is their relevance crossing the event horizon.