Senators Charles Grassley, Jeff Sessions, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee want “transparency” to dispel perceptions that fraudulent author Dinesh D’Souza was targeted for his fraudulent documentary about President Obama. When D’Souza was charged, supporters immediately denied he had done anything wrong and denounced it as political payback. On Friday, the four senators responded to his fans’ concerns by sending FBI Director James Comey a letter asking him to disclose the origin of the investigation that led to D’Souza being charged for allegedly funneling illegal donations to Senate campaigns.

When the indictment was announced, U.S. Attorney Preet Bhara’s office said that the indictment was “the result of a routine review” by the FBI of campaign filings with the Federal Election Commission.

But no “details regarding the scope and methodology” of the review was provided, the senators point out in their letter. They ask Comey to explain the history behind FBI reviews of campaign filings and how the FBI conducts the reviews — how it determines which filings to review, how long is spent on each review, which government entities are involved, among other questions.

The FBI was auditing legally required filings with a federal agency, but that explanation is not good enough for the conspiracy-minded. They cannot imagine any federal agency being so competent. All those campaign finance filing requirements were not supposed to make it easy for federal law enforcement agencies to discover fraud, you see. They are just mysterious, irrelevant, yet somehow-legally-required make-busy paperwork that no one ever actually examines unless they have a sinister, evil agenda.

To the paranoid person who takes delight in World Net Daily articles about the president’s secret Kenyan citizenship, it is not possible that D’Souza, whose sloppy writing has been called a “fever dream of paranoid speculations,” would be equally sloppy in his FEC filings. Oh no, this indictment must be the result of a conspiracy against D’Souza because he “told the truth” about President Obama when he called him a “grown-up Trayvon.” No other explanation is possible — because all other explanations eventually lead to uncomfortable realizations:

Right wing pseudo-intellectualism is almost a risk-free scam. All you have to do is make up some crap about someone that right wingers love to hate, then pretend that your crap is having an impact outside of the right wing monkey cage, cackle when the piles of poop draw everyone’s attention, and then whine about partisan political persecution once your poo-flinging behavior lands you in trouble with the zookeepers. Not only will the grassroots take up your cause right away, but actual lawmakers will attempt to intervene. It is great work if you can get it.

Video: Dinesh D’Souza gets eviscerated by Bill Maher.