For the new year, we half-humorously predicted that Ted Cruz would endorse Steve Stockman’s primary bid against John Cornyn. But Cruz has instead chosen to be cagey and not endorse Cornyn.

Typically evasive about endorsements, Cruz was coy when asked about Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), who has drawn seven Republican primary opponents ahead of Tuesday’s election, including Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas). Cornyn is nonetheless expected to coast to victory.

Cruz said only that he “liked” Cornyn, and declined to say whether he would vote for him in Tuesday’s primary. He acknowledged that his decision to stay out of incumbent primaries was “unusual.”

It is not clear that Stockman can unseat Cornyn. He has been a virtual nonentity on the campaign trail, and he is running on the most crowded ballot in the state of Texas. Cornyn has a $7 million war chest while Stockman has a bitcoin wallet. Who can blame Senator Cruz for not wanting to attach himself to the wrong end of that matchup?

Video: Cruz withholding his endorsement from Cornyn to show how tough he is on his own party.

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